43. I'll Make a Man out of Yu

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43. I'll Make a Man out of Yu

"General Shangming!" Yu Zhenzhen called out excitedly, "I haven't seen you in a long time!" She smiled like an enthusiastic puppy. Shangming Yunwang couldn't help but chuckle and pat her head as she metaphorically wagged her tail.

Er Xi noticed the tall, handsome man and blushed like a ripe tomato. Shangming Yunwang noticed the beautiful maid from the corner of his eye and his ears flushed. He kept his stoic expression, but Yu Zhenzhen could clearly see the unspoken crush between the two.

Ever since Er Xi punched a maid that insulted Yu Zhenzhen (which earned her a scolding since the maid had small, fragile hands, and a hug for being the greatest friend ever), Shangming Yunwang couldn't help but grow more and more attracted. A mere maid had the guts to do something no lady had ever done before-be tough.

And as a military fanatic, he had admired it. Over the past three years, his admiration had turned to love, but alas, she probably didn't feel the same. And even if she did, society would never allow them to be together. He was a high-ranking general and she was a servant. Even if Shangming Yunwang did take her in, it would only be a concubine and no more. But he didn't want any concubines since he had seen the way his mother suffered when his father had other women, hence promising to only have one woman in his life. Another abnormality, but not as severe as the first one.

Shangming Yunwang sighed. If only she had a family to back her up. It drove him crazy knowing she'd never be his.

Meanwhile, Er Xi watched the handsome general deep in thought and couldn't help but frown. Out of all the men out there, her heart had chosen to be attached to a man that could never be hers. They were too different and their statuses were as different as day and night.

If only my family didn't die... if only I didn't lose contact with my grandmother as a toddler.

These thoughts roamed in Er Xi's mind as Yu Zhenzhen pulled her friend around, along with an awestruck Qing Xiaolin. Her angelic eyes had widened in admiration and she couldn't help but gape. This attracted the attention of multiple soldiers since Qing Xiaolin had a naturally adorable face, but standing next to Yu Zhenzhen, who looked like a descended goddess, she looked like dirt.

And this, despite her angelic smiling, mentally pissed her off. Yu Zhenzhen was already supposed to have been dead, why was she stealing attention from her?

Yu Zhenzhen turned around and grabbed Qing Xiaolin's hand with her silky smooth one. "Come on, let's explore!" Qing Xiaolin mentally humphed but nodded bashfully in front of the princess. She was slowly starting to absolutely despise the stupid princess. She was too naive. And too nice. Thinking of her death, Qing Xiaolin smiled.

Since Yu Zhenzhen hadn't died two years ago, at the age of seventeen like she was destined, Qing Xiaolin was going to accidentally cause it to happen. The plot had gone too astray from its original route and she, the supposed female lead, was going to fix it!


"Yunwang gege, please teach me how to use a sword!" Yu Zhenzhen stubborn demanded. Staying at the military camp made her think of Mulan, hence why she couldn't help herself and want to learn. Was it as easy as the movies made it? Would it only take one song to make a man out of her?


One word crushed all her hopes and dreams. She couldn't believe he was denying it. Sure she was a princess, but she was an aspiring princess! Since Sailor Moon didn't work out, who said her career as Mulan wouldn't? But this boy wasn't even allowing it to begin.

"Please! For self defense!" Yu Zhenzhen begged with her big, sparkling eyes. Shangming Yunwang sighed and muttered, the emperor's going to kill me for this.

He grabbed a random training sword and held it out. The moment Yu Zhenzhen grabbed it from his hand, it fell down immediately. Yu Zhenzhen gasped at its heaviness and attempted to raise it. With her scrawny arms, of course she failed.

She cleared her throat and sang loudly, "Let's get down to business, to defeat... the Huns!" Shangming Yunwang quickly covered her mouth before she could continue with her loud bellowing and cause any ears to bleed.

"What are you doing!?" He whispered in embarrassment. "Are you out of your mind?"

Yu Zhenzhen glared at him fiercely and bit his hand. "I'm trying to test out a theory." Let's see if Disney has lied to me as a child. She tried to raise the sword again, but failed. She gasped, startled, and fell dramatically down on her knees. "My life is a lie!" To her horror, the heavy sword fell down with her and smacked her in the head, in which she started seeing stars. Whether figuratively or literally, will be left to the imagination.

To those who are wondering-it doesn't take one song to master martial arts nor how to use a sword.

Our poor heroine, Yu Zhenzhen, had to learn that the hard way.


Haha, one of my favorite chapters! And yes, I'm back with the punzzz XD

Mulan is my all-time favorite Disney princess, hence why I decided to write this chapter. And I rewatched the movie today as well lol

PS, if you don't know, there's going to be a live-action version coming either 2018 or 2019 (different websites say different things) and it's not going have any songs... nor will it have General Li Shang 😭 (they may change that).

They're completely changing the plot line to where Mulan falls in love with another soldier 😭

I'm off to cry since Disney is ruining my childhood movie 💩

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