30. The Date that Ended With a Broken Heart

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30. The Date that Ended With a Broken Heart

Her heart thumped fast and she couldn't help but lean closer and so did he until their lips were merely a few centimeters away from each other.

Dark eyes clashed in surprise and another emotion Yu Zhenzhen couldn't decipher from Shangming Yunwang.

Ignoring the warning bells that she felt ringing in her head, Yu Zhenzhen closed her eyes and their lips met.

His warm lips met with thin ones in a kiss that could only be described as... innocent.

There was no lust, no anger, nothing that was overwhelming unlike previous kisses Yu Zhenzhen shared with a certain man.

This one felt comforting yet wrong in a way. She didn't understand why her heart felt a bit hesitant.

It's not like she was in a relationship with Nangong Longwei, so why was her heart so against kissing another man?

The kiss ended and Yu Zhenzhen gave Shangming Yunwang a sweet smile. "That was..." something that probably won't happen ever again.

He took a deep breath and a smile graced his stoic face. Yu Zhenzhen was stunned since she had never expected the statue-like man to actually show emotion, and a smile at that. Who knew he looked so charming with a smile?

"That was amazing, princess." He mumbled. Yu Zhenzhen couldn't help but laugh at how bashful he was being. He didn't blush, but Yu Zhenzhen noticed how his ears were ever so slightly shifting color.

He placed her body down and grasped her hand. Together, they explored the area and markets near the famous temple, not noticing another pair of watching them.

Nangong Longwei watched as the woman he had started to grow feelings for kiss another man. His heart clenched with pain, but he didn't dare go forward. As much as he wanted to sweep her off her feet, the princess had rejected him and he had hurt her enough.

He clenched his fist and a silent tear streamed down his face. The memories of so-called bratty princess started playing in his mind.

From their kisses and her pouts and her glares and what not. Her behavior at her birthday banquet and becoming comatose. Her smiles and her mischief. Even her acting a few hours ago brought a smile to his face. And her adorable attempt of trying to sneak a knife.

A sudden realization pierced him like a sword. He, the infamous, icy Duke of Yu, was absolutely and undeniably in love with the woman named Yu Zhenzhen, the princess of the same empire he was trying to conquer.

And despite swearing to marry her in this lifetime, he couldn't find it in himself to cause her more suffering...


"Princess, how did you think of our adventure? Was it exciting enough to be memorable?" Shangming Yunwang asked Yu Zhenzhen the moment they stepped out of another shop.

Yu Zhenzhen sighed nostalgically, "It was wonderful." Yet something felt missing, and I don't know what...

Shangming Yunwang averted his eyes and pulled out a small box. Yu Zhenzhen furrowed her eyebrows in curiosity when he handed it to her.

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