42. The Panties Affair

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42. The Panties Affair

"Your lordship," a mischievous voice said tauntingly. A dagger was thrown in his direction, so the man flinched and muttered, "Geez! Still salty that you're no longer a duke, Ruthless Raven."

"Wuxiang Changqing!" A grouchy voice hissed, "You better go off and do your physician duties..."

"Your lordship-" when a glare was sent his way, Wuxiang Changqing smiled sheepishly and paused, "Longwei, why do you think it's a good idea to attack her kingdom, again?"

"Don't mention her in front of me." Nangong Longwei barked. "She does not deserve to be mentioned."

Wuxiang Changqing grinned, "Hmm... Just because she's been more politically involved and actually smiles, despite your absence, you're angry? Do you seriously want her to continue waiting for you? She's already considered an old maiden! I think she has the right to move on..."

"She's mine." Nangong Longwei said stubbornly. "Deep in my heart-"

"Wait," Wuxiang Changqing interrupted, "You have a heart?" He chuckled when Nangong Longwei shot him another glare and continued, "Besides, she's not an object."

Nangong Longwei's eyes flashed with anger when he remembered the scene in the small boutique. Seeing her give up on them, his heart burned with fury. She couldn't wait a bit longer, could she? He was almost done with his task.

He remembered how the nobility of the court always mocked the emperor for allowing his first daughter, born from the empress, to marry a mere Duke. Sure Nangong Longwei held half of the military in his hands, but it didn't matter. She was the beauty of the empire, worthy of being empress. Hence the emperor decided to bestow her Natsu Sin, a prince strongly favored to be emperor of Natsu.

But luckily, she canceled that engagement when he recuperating from his injuries. But over the past three years, every time he had gone to see her from afar, he had noticed her growing more and more forgetting of him. Even to the point that she had agreed to marry that bastard...

If the empire believes he, Nangong Longwei, is not worthy of her ethereal presence, then he'll be emperor.

And she'll be his empress.

"What if she doesn't want to be your empress? And before you panic, you said your thoughts out loud." Wuxiang Changqing added.

"She will want to be my empress..." Nangong Longwei said confidently. He was sure she would immediately return in his arms and they'll live happily ever after with their future children. Nangong Longwei smiled at the thought of having lots of sons and a few daughters...

"But what if she doesn't?" Once again, Wuxiang Changqing rained on the former duke's parade with his harsh words. "You didn't seem happy last time you went to see her..."

His words triggered the memory of the small boutique again. If that old lady wasn't important to Yu Zhenzhen, he would've burned the entire place down. His jealousy still surged wildly in his heart. "You wouldn't know since you're not exactly interested in women." Nangong Longwei said, this time, his tone semi-confident.

Wuxiang Changqing laughed, "Indeed. How could a mere cut-sleeve like me, who has known you since childhood, advise you on women?" His strong sarcasm brought a smile to Nangong Longwei's extremely handsome face. "Alright, go away now. I need to strategize a plan."

"You never answered my question..." Wuxiang Changqing pouted, "You seriously want to do such a foolish thing? So many lives will be lost over your stupid pride."

"The kingdom was originally supposed to belong to the family of Nangong!" Nangong Longwei snapped. "If my ancestors weren't foolish enough to give it away after the rebellion ended, I would've been emperor at this point! And Yu Zhenzhen, the girl who haunts my sleep every single night, the girl whom my heart yearns for, would be my concubine. No, she would be my empress."

"Sheesh! Calm your panties, boy! No need to be so snappy."

"What does panties mean?" Nangong Longwei asked with confusion.

Wuxiang Changqing shrugged his shoulders, "Dunno. I heard the princess say it once to her maid when I came along with you on one of your stalking sessions. You were too busy drooling while I was too busy laughing my bum off. Anyways, I'm sure it doesn't mean anything good."

Nangong Longwei shook his head at his friend's stupidity and shooed him away. He needed time to think, and his friend wasn't allowing with his foolishness and panties? Once he was emperor, he was sure going to ask Yu Zhenzhen what panties were.

It sounds like a male name.

Jealousy filled Nangong Longwei at the thought of Yu Zhenzhen and this panties man together.

"Hey! I'm off to-"

"Do your physician duties and help soldiers wth any medical issues, right?" Nangong Longwei interrupted in a dubious manner. Wuxiang Changqing laughed nervously and nodded, "Absolutely..." But that doesn't mean I can't drool over handsome, fit soldiers!

Wuxiang Changqing grinned and quickly disappeared, leaving Nangong Longwei with his thoughts occupied on who or what panties were.


Haha, I was dying of laughter writing chapter. Just a filler chapter with humor, featuring our favorite physician and his wonderful sense of humor.

And who ships zhenzhenXpanties

I think it's a beautiful ship. Who's Nangong Longwei again? Just kidding! This chapter is to help all these recent, depressing chapters lol

And to lead to the climax of the story...

For those of you who guessed Nangong Longwei to be Ruthless Raven, you were right!

And for Er Xi's crush, I had many guesses... but you'll see who it is soon.

And I actually have a ship prepared for Wuxiang Changqing with someone. Can anyone guess who?

Also, this book has five or so chapters left. Once I get all the remaining chapters written (which should take a few days), I'll post them simultaneously so that you can enjoy them all without wait! But I also have a few bonus chapters prepared XD

Until the next update 🙈

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