17. Comatose Princess

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17. Comatose Princess

"And it is with great disappointment that I must cancel the engagement between the Nangong household and my imperial Yu household." The emperor announced during the morning court the next day.

The ministers there all gasped. They all knew that the engagement was a way for the emperor to keep somewhat of a control on the growing Nangong household.

"But I will allow Duke Nangong to choose whichever one of my daughters, other than Zhen Zhen, to be engaged to you." The emperor said to Nangong Longwei.

The man stood with a blank look on his face. He remembered Yu Zhenzhen's taunting look and her promise of canceling the engagement. It seemed like she had succeeded.

But at what cost?

It was obvious that something must've happened for the stubborn emperor to finally agree to the princess' demand.

And he, Nangong Longwei, was going to find out.


Er Xi gently wiped the princess' forehead with a damp piece of cloth with unshed tears.

She blamed herself for agreeing to the princess' playful idea of getting her parents to agree to her desire. She had gotten her wish granted, but in return, here she lied in a coma until who knows when... Er Xi missed the princess since the princess treated her like a friend and not a servant. "Princess, I really wish for you to wake up from your coma..."

Er Xi sighed and decided to leave the room. A few seconds after she left, a figure swiftly unlocked the window and appeared besides the bed with the comatose princess.

Dark, phoenix eyes stared at the pale figure as realization flickered though his mind.

It seems like the princess was pretending to be in a coma to get what she wanted.

It had worked, the engagement was canceled, so why wasn't she awake yet?

Might it be that princess Yu Zhenzhen was actually and legitimately in a coma?

Nangong Longwei inched his face closer and paused when his face was close enough to see Yu Zhenzhen's delicate features.

He had expected her to push him away, but she didn't. This just proved that the princess was actually was comatose.

Nangong Longwei sighed softly, "Princess, do you hate your future husband so much to the point of allowing yourself to suffer?" Silence followed as Nangong Longwei grasped one soft hand in his calloused one.

"Fine. I won't bother you anymore, please wake up."

Once again, Yu Zhenzhen didn't even show the signs of stirring. Nangong Longwei closed his eyes and leaned forward to capture her thin lips with his.

He raised his head and frowned. He'd rather it be like the first time where she bit his lips. This time, there was absolutely no signs of her responding and it was like kissing cardboard.

He raised both of his muscled arms and held the dainty princess in his arms for the rest of the night before disappearing at the crack of dawn.


"Mimi, how do you make an egg omelette with only mushrooms and green bell peppers?" An intern at the restaurant, Starlight, asked.

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