Alternate Ending #1: And They Lived Happily Ever After (I)

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This is an alternate ending as in it's not the real ending, but an ending to satisfy those who like happy endings.

This happens after Yu Zhenzhen (Zheng Mimi) stabs (forcefully) Qing Xiaolin. Instead of being stabbed back, she lives.

Alternate Ending #1: And They Lived Happily Ever After (I)

Yu Zhenzhen stared at the bloodied body of Qing Xiaolin in grief. Her hand clutched the dagger tightly as a sob escaped her mouth. She didn't understand why she was so stupid. Ever since she could remember, she, Zheng Mimi, had been easily manipulated by others. Whether it had been her schoolmates or her strict parents, she was easily able to control with her naïvety and obedience. She had a feeling this was why OYZZ picked her to occupy the body. It wasn't some bullshit about having compatibility with their souls, it was a game of manipulation and who had the opportunity to pull the string first.

She averted her eyes from the body and choked back a frustrated scream. Her tranquil eyes filled with an unknown emotion toward OYZZ that startled the ghost. "I hope your happy..." venom laced Yu Zhenzhen's voice as she heaved a deep breath, "Because I am done. Enough of you, Yu Zhenzhen. I'm sick and tired of the way you control me and manipulate me. This all began without my permission! Separation from my family, friends, and my job that I loved doing the most! Do you understand," her voice cracked, "not being allowed to go near the kitchen because I am a so-called princess? My pride and joy was my talent in cooking, but you took that away. My happiness was with my family, but you took that away, too. Enough is enough!"

OYZZ gaped at the normally innocent girl as she snapped with hatred. She sighed. It seemed like she had managed to ruin whatever purity the poor girl had by forcing her to do things she didn't want to do. Tears streamed down her pale face, but Zheng Mimi continued to glare at her full of hostility and disappointment. "No more." OYZZ whispered. "From this moment on, I'll disappear from your life..." she brought out an egg that looked suspiciously like a rotten egg. "This is your ticket home."

Zheng Mimi was reaching for it until she head Nangong Longwei's voice, "Zhen Zhen! Are you okay in there!?" Her fist clenched and she shook her head, "I'll stay..." silently, she wished well for her family in the modern world and opened her now accepting eyes. They glimmered with peace as she turned around, heading toward the love of her life and a new step to a new life.

OYZZ smiled knowingly. She knew the girl would decide on such a thing... after all, she and Nangong Longwei had grown so close despite her interference and reluctance. She crushed the rotten egg in her hand, simultaneously ending the life of Zheng Mimi in the modern world. Doctors scattered around the comatose patient as they tried to shock her back to life, but it seemed like the patient had given up on living...

The patient's parents cried for their daughter and prayed for her to not give up, but unfortunately, the doctor had informed them it was too late. Zheng Mimi was no longer living...

OYZZ watched the scene unfold and snapped her fingers, causing both her and the body of Qing Xiaolin to disappear. No traces of blood or death were found in the tent, almost like nothing had happened... but only she knew, the nightmare was over.

Zheng Mimi, now officially having accepted her identity as Yu Zhenzhen, happily clasped her small hand in the cold duke's much larger one. Now, when she stared at his dark, phoenix eyes, she didn't see any coldness, but she saw a pair of eyes burning with warmth and glee. She smiled sincerely and mumbled, "Hey butthole," Nangong Longwei froze at her nickname for him, "I still haven't forgiven you for a few things, but I guess I can be lenient enough to take care of you, Mr. Brawn-No-Brain!"

"Hey!" Despite his look of mock horror, Nangong Longwei chuckled as she picked her up princess-style. The couple laughed merrily as they lived happily ever after.


Meanwhile in the Palace of Yu, the emperor and empress were baffled because of two incidents: a concubine-born prince of Yu had run away with a commoner, declaring he cannot live without the love of his life. They both admired the prince for having such guts but were flabbergasted when he didn't bother to tell him. After all, as a prince that didn't hold any power in court, emperor Yu allowed him and his concubine-born siblings to do whatever the heck they wanted as long as they didn't plot for the throne or anything evil in the manner. As they debated on how to deal with the sudden issue, they gasped when a servant quickly rushed inside with a letter in her hand, "From the first princess!" Both emperor and empress quickly opened the letter and empress Yu read aloud:

Dear mom and dad,

Okay, first off, I know, you're probably like, what's the occasion? Why a random letter when I could easily talk to you both? Well you see, your precious Zhen Zhen (don't forget I'm precious when you hear the next piece of news, please don't be mad), has decided to be a bit rebellious... and have a rendezvous?

Is that what they call them nowadays? Hehe, I don't really know, but what I do know is that you both don't have to worry about me being an old, single maiden! I have officially rekindled an old flame by the name of... Nangong Longwei? Huh. Would you look at that. Seems like the duke wasn't dead and now I've eloped with him? Geez, this could be the plot of a scandalous novel or play!

Anyways, I promise to visit occasionally, but for now, I love you guys! And don't be too mad...

Yu Zhenzhen

Empress Yu read out the last words and began fanning herself while her husband, emperor Yu, had already fainted... the empress sighed and sarcastically chuckled, "Be happy, Zhen Zhen... but this doesn't mean I won't get onto you at the next meeting! Just you wait, you little devil! Mom's going to torture you with whatever I think of!..." emperor Yu, that had already woken up, shivered and mentally prayed for his first daughter. He was happy since this meant he could finally have grandchildren, but it seemed like the empress was excited for a completely different purpose... Both people anticipated seeing their daughter again, for completely different reasons...


What do you think of the happy ending of the book? Personally, I really like it but I decided to end it sadly (in the official ending) because of book two!

In one of the earlier chapters, I stated that one of the concubine-born children does something that gives the emperor a headache: here it is! What do you think?

Anyways, I still have a few more bonuses! Which will the the other parts to this alternate ending (this is only part one).

Anyways, until the next bonus!
Thanks for reading <3

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