21. Captive Like an Exotic Bird in a Golden Cage

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21. Captive Like an Exotic Bird in a Golden Cage

"Let me go! I seriously don't understand why you think it's okay for me to be stuck here with you." Yu Zhenzhen complained loudly glaring at the man in front of her.

He only gave her a smile, "I think I have the right to see you with open eyes after so long."

She rolled her eyes, "No, you and I have absolutely no particular relations. I demand you let me go and stop treating me an exotic bird you keep in a golden cage." Yu Zhenzhen banged on the cell she was in to prove her point.

The kidnapper only smirked from behind the bars and gave her a taunting smile, "Princess, this me granting you independence. Don't test my patience by saying I'm trapping you in a golden cage." He paused, "Besides, this is temporary. You'll be coming with me to somewhere else. If I were you, I'd bid the country of Yu goodbye since you won't be back."

Yu Zhenzhen stared at him in horror and banged on the bars, "Let me out of here! Why are you even keeping me here? Why me? Like, I know I'm the most gorgeous specimen known to man," curtesy of the original Yu Zhenzhen, "But that doesn't mean you can do whatever the hell you want! Please let me go. I promise I'll use an excuse and not mention you."

The kidnapper eyed her up and down with a satisfied smile on his face. "That's true. I have never seen anyone as pretty as you. As for the reason I'm keeping you here, let's just call it a sudden urge."

Yu Zhenzhen screamed profanity at him, but he ignored her and walked off without turning back.


"Have you found the princess yet?" Emperor Yu asked with an impatient scowl on his face.

General Shangming and Prime Minister Ouyang shook their heads. "Apologies your majesty. It seems like the princess was captured by an expert. I can't think of any male that the princess has interacted with and embarrassed-oh wait." All three pairs of eyes turned to Nangong Longwei who held a frigid expression.

He raised a brow, almost as though he was daring them to say more. His expression even caused the emperor to silence. But since the other two important governments were here, he had to make an example. "Duke Nangong, do you happen to know where my daughter is?"

The temperature in the room dropped and the three men couldn't help but shudder in fear when it came to the demon in front of them. He only shook his head, "Unfortunately," His face turned blank, "I do not know where the princess is."

The three men wanted to question him a bit more, but the handsome man with the bitter phoenix eyes stood up and bowed abruptly, "I am off to search. I bid your majesty, prime minister, and general adieu."

The emperor was shocked. He hadn't even dismissed him yet he left so carelessly. Despite his clenched jaw, emperor Yu decided to let it go since he couldn't waste any time while his daughter's life was in danger.

The moment Nangong Longwei closed the door, he disappeared without anyone noticing.


"I'm not hungry." Yu Zhenzhen pouted as she intensified her glare.

Natsu Sin gave her a skeptical look as her stomach grumbled loudly for all to hear. "I wouldn't want my future princess consort to die of starvation."

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