44. Reunited (Ex) Lovers (I)

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44. Reunited (Ex) Lovers (I)

Yu Zhenzhen watched as the army prepared to walk to the battleground. After the Mulan fiasco-slash-disaster, Shangming Yunwang forbid her to even be near the training ground in case she hurt herself again. She wanted to learn, but she didn't want to get smacked in the head again with the heavy sword. The movies always depicted swords to be weightless, but now, Yu Zhenzhen knew they were only using paper or cardboard! Shame on them! Yu Zhenzhen wanted to through a real sword at the directors' and actors' faces to see how they react.

You Zhenzhen focused on the the soldiers and sighed. She thought of how many deaths there were going to be and how many families were going to be devastated. Sure some might say she isn't thinking optimistically, but she was thinking logically. By logically, she was thinking of war causalities. Yu Zhenzhen cursed this so-called Ruthless Raven for being troublesome. She wasn't a schadenfreude person, she was what someone would describe as compassionate. Since she was forbidden to participate, all she could do was cheer loudly and hope the enemy didn't kill her with an arrow.

Yu Zhenzhen laughed at her stupidity and turned her attention to her two maids. "Er Xi, do you think when General Shangming said to stay here, he meant it as an order?"

Er Xi widened her eyes at what the princess was getting at and and before she could nod, Qing Xiaolin innocently shook her head and added, "I would say it was a friendly suggestion."

Yu Zhenzhen's eyes flashed with mischief as she grinned. "Ladies, let's go get a closer look!" Despite Er Xi's protests, both maids were grabbed by their wrists and dragged around with the princess to get a better look. Luckily, Yu Zhenzhen had thought for them to wear a cloak and change her clothes to simpler clothes to prevent anyone from noticing them. As they walked out of the camp, they coincidentally ended up near the enemy camp instead of being near their soldiers, with a few directions from Qing Xiaolin. Of course, Qing Xiaolin sobbed when she realized she had led them to most likely, horrible death.

Yu Zhenzhen narrowed her eyes in suspicion for the first time ever since she had known the girl. Alas the dense princess didn't ponder over her suspicion and pulled the other two girls to hide. Unfortunately, Yu Zhenzhen always hadn't had the best of luck hence a soldier spotted the trio and yelling for the others to capture them.

Before they could run anywhere, the three young women were captured and forced to kneel. The soldiers slowly removed their cloaks, beginning with Er Xi.

Yu Zhenzhen noticed that a few soldiers were grinning lewdly at the pretty maid. They then proceeded to remove Qing Xiaolin's cloak and she looked at them with her big, doe-like, angelic eyes. Yu Zhenzhen rolled her eyes and thought, the female lead halo sure is strong.

Finally, a man removed Yu Zhenzhen's cloak and the soldiers visibly gasped. With her hypnotizing eyes narrowed in annoyance, her fair skin blending in with her thin, scarlet lips, Yu Zhenzhen was a sight to behold. The soldier that removed her cloak felt like he should be on his knees, not her. One of the soldiers immediately recognized Yu Zhenzhen as the first princess, so he quickly went and notified their leader-Ruthless Raven.

Yu Zhenzhen glanced around and tried to sneakily her up, but a few soldiers quickly stopped her. She frowned and raised her middle fingers, confusing the soldiers at the foreign gesture.

Meanwhile Nangong Longwei had planned to release an order of telling his soldiers to prepare when a soldier burst into the room, out of breath.

Nangong Longwei turned his cold eyes in the direction of the soldier, raising a brow at his interrupting. The soldier was breathing too hard after running a few miles nonstop to their leader's tent. He bowed and stood silent until Nangong Longwei barked, "What do you need?"

The soldier gulped nervously and mumbled incoherent words. Even with Nangong Longwei's sensitive hearing, he could not understand what the soldier was saying. "Speak louder!"

The soldier took a deep breath and blurted, "The first princess of the Yu empire was caught lurking in our camp!"

Nangong Longwei's dead heart skipped a beat and he suddenly found himself breathing uncontrollably with his fists clenched. He hadn't meant to meet her so soon. The next time they were going to meet was him as an emperor and her as his empress. Why had she suddenly appeared at the most critical part of his plan? Should he appear in front of her? Should be continue to remain dead, according to the empire. Nangong Longwei's reflected anger when he remembered all the men she had associated with throughout the span of three years.

No, he was going to reveal himself to her. He was going to make sure she never thought of marrying anyone else except for him, ever again...


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