46. Reunited (Ex) Lovers (III)

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46. Reunited (Ex) Lovers (III)

Yu Zhenzhen turned her attention back to the livid man who thought she had avoided his question and placed a comforting hand on his chest, "There is no harem... but I am not going to marry you."

When Nangong Longwei heard her first words, he had been happy. But when he heard the second part of her sentence, he felt like he was drenched in cold water. "Why?" He choked, "I'm here... we can be together..."

Yu Zhenzhen's face twisted into anger, "You bastard! Three years... Three years!! I wasted a fraction of my life waiting for a sign, sobbing my eyes out when I thought of you, yet you were clearly alive but didn't bother to come tell me. I will not be played by you!" Yu Zhenzhen didn't realize she was crying until her tears were dripping from her chin. She didn't realize she had bottled up so many emotions and for them to suddenly snap when in his presence.

Nangong Longwei took a deep breath and mumbled, "I'm sorry..."

Yu Zhenzhen burst out laughing dryly, "Are you seriously apologizing again? Do you think I'll forgive you this time? No, I will be strong and say I don't forgive you. You can go to hell for all I care. I have a fiancé that has been there for me through the ups and downs of the past three years, more than you've been there for me for a lifetime!"

"Please... Let me make it up to you. I will do anything..." Nangong Longwei didn't realize he sounded desperate, he didn't realize he was close to begging. All that matter was that she was about to walk away from their lifetime of happiness.

"Anything?" Yu Zhenzhen's tone turned sarcastic, "You're attacking my empire; not exactly a plus for our situation..."

Nangong Longwei turned his head in anger, "The Yu empire was originally meant to be the Nangong empire. I'm only taking back what is rightfully mine."

Yu Zhenzhen frowned, but she remembered the novel. In the novel, according to the author, Nangong Ancestor had led the war for rebellion against the tyrannical emperor and had actually won. Instead of being the new emperor, he had been content being a small duke and passed it off to his second-in-command, Yu Ancestor. Unfortunately, as the generations passed by, the Dukes of Nangong had become more and more politically powerful, to the Yu generation emperors' horrors. Luckily, none of them had the guts to start a rebellion except for the man in front of her. Yu Zhenzhen shuddered when she remembered the ending of the novel... except now that Nangong Longwei was not interested in Qing Xiaolin, did that mean it was going to be her being his empress?

Yu Zhenzhen shook her head and fell on her knees in front of the man she loved yet despised. Nangong Longwei raised his brows in shock, not believing the proud princess would actually kneel before him. His heart hurt, but then he remembered a vow he made at her sixteenth birthday banquet; a long time ago. He had wanted her to kneel before him before, but now, he didn't dare.

He tried to help her get up, but she resisted. She begun kowtowing, which made her forehead and clothes dirty from the ground, but she didn't stop. "Please don't attack Yu empire," Yu Zhenzhen knew the ending of the novel... the Yu troops would lose against this man. The Yu empire would disappear! Her entire family that she had grown to love, except for the concubines and her half-siblings that never bothered to get acquainted with her, she would try to protect. Who cares if she had to trample on her pride? This man had the ability to destroy, and she was going to stop him... hopefully.

Nangong Longwei grabbed her shoulders and picked her up, "What are you doing? You went from a fiery tiger to a meek rabbit..."

"Please don't..." Yu Zhenzhen cried, "I won't be able to handle their deaths." I will not allow Yu Zhenzhen to suffer the same fate again... her family will stay with her!

Nangong Longwei sighed and averted his gaze from her intense one and shook his head, "I'm sorry..."

"I don't want your damn apology!" Yu Zhenzhen yelled in anger, "I want you to stop this madness or else I promise you I will absolutely marry Natsu Sin!" Nangong Longwei avoided her furious gaze until she threatened, "The moment you attack is the moment I bite my tongue and burry myself with my empire."

That threat finally worked as the arrogance, yet cold man froze in shock. He pulled her in his arms again, tighter than before. "I can't bear to lose you! How could you think such ideas!"

Yu Zhenzhen raised her head and looked him straight in the eye, unwavering, "My country is a part of me."

Nangong Longwei sighed and pressed a pressure point in Yu Zhenzhen's neck, causing her to suddenly blackout. "Sorry princess," he mumbled, "But I promised my father before he passed away..."


Wow! This chapter was a bit difficult to write and express. I honestly didn't know how to show their love/hate relationship without too much of either emotion...

Anyways, the nicknames Nangong Longwei gave for the men are homophones to their names:

第 (dì) 晨 (chén) - 第晨 meaning First Dawn.

Now the nickname Longwei gave him:

低 (dī) 沉 (chén) - 低沉 meaning Gloomy.


云 (yún) 旺 (wàng) - 云旺 meaning Cloud Prosperous (but would be read as Prosperous Cloud in English).

Now the nickname Longwei gave him:

耘 (yún) 妄 (wàng) - 耘妄 meaning (Weed) Absurd (which would be read as Absurd Weed in English). Technically 耘 means to weed, but I changed it to just plain ol' weed to make sense.


拚 (pàn) 蹄 (tí) 似 (sì) - 拚蹄似 meaning (Seemingly) Rejected Pig's Trotters. Technically 似 means to seem, but for grammar purposes, I changed it.

Obviously the actual name is Panties 😹 (check chapter 42 for information).

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