13. Arguments and Kisses

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13. Arguments and Kisses

"What are you doing!?" Yu Zhenzhen said as she struggled against his rock-hard chest.


"Me?" Yu Zhenzhen had never seen Nangong Longwei so vulnerable. His eyes were flashing with anger, jealousy, and another emotion she couldn't decipher.

"How could you go out with another man on our outing?" Nangong Longwei asked calmly, but his eyes were cold.

Yu Zhenzhen scoffed, "Outing? Please tell me you're not calling the disaster we had an outing. Other than the fact that my brother was a third wheel, the atmosphere between us was so awkward! I need some fresh air and coincidentally ran into Sin gege."

It seemed like her explanation only caused Nangong Longwei to become more furious as he chillingly asked, "Sin gege? Goodness, if an outsider heard the intimate way you refer to him, they'd think he was your fiancé, not me!"

Too. Much. Vinegar!

Even with Qing Xiaolin, Nangong Longwei had never revealed so much emotions, yet here he stood with jealousy practically dripping from his attitude despite his cold personality.

Yu Zhenzhen was lost on what to reply to the childish man until the next words caused her blood to run cold.

"To think my future wife is such a... slut even though she will get married very soon. Princess, you must get rid of your shameless behavior immediately! I will not have you and your horrible reputation inflicting a negative change to my Nangong Manor."

Yu Zhenzhen paled as she stared at the ruthless man in front of her. Gone was the easily jealous man and in his place stood the same cold hearted lord who stabbed the original Yu Zhenzhen.

Anger boiled inside of her as well as pity for the original Yu Zhenzhen. The poor girl had her heart stolen by such a jerk!

"You bastard! Who's a slut? You're a slut, your whole family is a slut*! Don't you dare slander bengong or else this princess will show you the might of the imperial clan of Yu! Bastard, I hate you so much!"

*it's a common insult in China to refer whatever insult back to the person by saying "you're a ___, your entire/whole family is a ___!

Nangong Longwei's temper reached its climax as he raised his hand high.

Yu Zhenzhen thought he was going to hit her so she closed her eyes, but she felt her head being lifted and a foreign presence on her lips.

She opened her eyes and saw her face extremely close to Nangong Longwei's face as he feasted on her thin lips. She struggled, but it seemed like no use since the man was much stronger than her.

Finally, no longer able to stand the jerk taking advantage of the fact that she was much weaker, Yu Zhenzhen bit on his mouth as hard as she could and he finally pushed her away.

Blood dripped down the side of his mouth, but he only laughed coldly like he didn't feel a single bit of the pain Yu Zhenzhen inflicted on him.

"Do that again, and I promise you that your lordship won't just push you away... the consequences will be much worse." He threatened.

Yu Zhenzhen only gave him a sly smile, "I'd like to see what a mere duke can do to a princess. A first princess especially. I'll take to imperial father to cancel this stupid engagement... no matter if I have to kowtow a thousand times, I will get away from you!"

Nangong Longwei closed his eyes and breathed softly. He opened his eyes and Yu Zhenzhen shuddered at how emotionless they were. She couldn't see anything in those pitch black phoenix eyes.

"Princess Yu Zhenzhen, I, Nangong Longwei, swear to marry you in this lifetime whether or not you agree to it. Even if I have to go to extra lengths, your lordship will make sure you will never escape from me..."

"For a petty reason called your pride? Grow up you stupid man!" Yu Zhenzhen didn't care about the stupid standards of a woman keeping a clean mouth. Right now, the man in front of her was being too infuriating.

"Pride? I suppose that's part of it. But it's mostly because I think there needs to finally be someone to tone down your arrogance, your highness." He mocked.

"My arrogance has nothing to do with you! In fact, I will soon have nothing to do with you. I'll forget your act of indecency today as long as you don't act foolish in front of my imperial father and remain a faithful duke. But if you really want to marry into our imperial family, I'm sure there are plenty of my concubine born sisters who would be happy to marry you." Yu Zhenzhen turned his mockery around as she stared defiantly in his icy eyes.

"Just know that I am not happy to marry you." With that, the princess strode off without turning back. But she could still feel his hardened gaze on her back almost demanding for her to submit and turn around. But she didn't. It was time to set the rude duke in his place.


Wow, initially, I planned on the kiss being something sweet because of his jealousy. But I realized that would be moving too fast... and besides, we can't forget how much he made our original Yu Zhenzhen suffer. Hence the heated argument between the two.

Sure she was crazy, but I'm going for a character that was neglected by the person she had adored for so long because of a stranger...

Just a heads up, Nangong Longwei is going to be jelly... a lot.

And will be going through character development... a lot.

Until the next update :)

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