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You've made it! Surprisingly, you've read all of book one and you're on your way to book two. Here is the synopsis:

After Zheng Mimi passes away as Yu Zhenzhen, she wakes up from her coma to find everything different.

Not only had it been a few years after the last time she ate a rotten egg, but she realizes her family has fallen into poverty because of her medical bills. To add onto her distress, she had long lost her job at the restaurant Starlight, no longer a popular, famous chef but a nameless, poor chef without reputation.

With the support of her family, Zheng Mimi forces her broken heart to the back of her mind and slowly begins to rebuild her life, starting with a simple restaurant named Délicieux. Slowly, Zheng Mimi regains her former glory as a popular chef, except this time, she is known to be an Ice Queen.

The same Ice Queen that attracts the attention of many suitors, including a powerful CEO named Wang Jinfeng...

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