23. Confessions (II)

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23. Confessions (II)

Yu Zhenzhen's face felt like it was on fire and she didn't know how to cool it down. She could only scold Nangong Longwei in embarrassment, "You! Who's yours? When did we establish this and when did I agree?"

Nangong Longwei bent down and kissed her button-like nose, "You don't want to repay your savior? If it wasn't for me, nobody would've thought to check on this foreign prince. Nobody would've been able to help you escape and you would've been held captive in the country of Natsu-"

Natsu Sin interrupted him, "Who said you're going to help her escape?"

Nangong Longwei smirked and unsheathed his sword, "Lets converse like true men."

Natsu Sin laughed dryly and pulled his sword as well, "Men? Where? I only see one man..."

"You're right. How could a cowardly chicken be considered a man?"

Natsu Sin's face shifted in anger, "You!" And he lunged forward to attack.

Swords clashed and loud clangs followed. Both men eyed each other as though the other was a hinderance and a rival they could not wait to get rid of.

"You idiots!" Yu Zhenzhen shouted looking dubiously at the duo.

They stopped and looked at her in confusion. At that moment, Yu Lijie appeared and raised his sword in the air aiming for Nangong Longwei.


Yu Lijie dropped the bloody sword in horror as he eyed his precious sister with her pale face. "Zhen Zhen!"

All three men gasped when seeing the ultimate beauty on the sprawled ground in a puddle of blood.

She gave a weak smile and coughed as her vision slowly got blurry.

Nangong Longwei raised her head and placed it on his lap with a dark look on his face. Quickly sealing her acupuncture points, he threw a chilling look at the two shocked men and swiftly disappeared.

"That bastard-" Yu Lijie placed a hand on Natsu Sin's shoulders. His face was ashen at the realization of what he had done.

He had stabbed his own sister! Sure she blocked on purpose, but he could've checked beforehand to see who his target was going to be. But no, he, Yu Lijie, was confident he was aiming for the duke. Speaking of the duke, he was shielded by Zhen Zhen like so! Didn't she hate him? Why would she cover for him if she disliked him?

Yu Lijie's head hurt but one thing he knew for sure is that the relationship between his sister and him will never be the same.


"Don't sleep. You are not allowed to close your eyes," Nangong Longwei's icy voice rang in Yu Zhenzhen's ears like a mantra. She tried obliging, but it was becoming harder and harder as it seemed like a heavy object was placed on her head.

Truly, she didn't know why she did what she did. Didn't his death bring a positive outcome to the original Yu Zhenzhen's revenge? Wasn't he the one that brutally stabbed the poor lovestruck princess?

Yu Zhenzhen tried to sigh but she only coughed up more blood painfully.

Nangong Longwei wiped her forehead full of tears with a handkerchief, "You'll be fine." But his words seemed like they were trying to convince him rather than her.

A few minutes later, Yu Zhenzhen heard Nangong Longwei bark out orders for a physician as he placed her delicate body on an extremely soft bed.

A young, handsome man strode in confidently, eyeing Yu Zhenzhen curiously. "Master," the young man bowed.

"Changqing," Nangong Longwei nodded in acknowledgment. "Heal the princess."

The young man turned his attention to the barely alive princess and leisurely bowed, "This humble physician is named Wuxiang Changqing, pleased to meet your highness."

Yu Zhenzhen opened her mouth to greet him but blood splattered out making Nangong Longwei clench his fists in nervousness. He yelled at Wuxiang Changqing, "You idiot! Who causally converses with a dying patient? Get going, get going! Or else your lordship will show you what delaying means."

Wuxiang Changqing gave a mischievous smile and started working his medical magic. Despite looking extremely young, if anyone from the Physician Association saw the young man, they'd recognize him as the best physician in the country of Yu, the descendant of Wuxiang.

Yet Yu Zhenzhen didn't have a single clue and her only object of focus was to stay alive. After her paranormal conversation with the original Yu Zhenzhen, she didn't want to take the risk of death since she didn't know what would happen. Would she go back to her original body? Would she disappear completely? Would she reincarnate?

Yu Zhenzhen didn't want to find out.

Thirty minutes later, Wuxiang Changqing gave a sigh of relief but his eyes didn't hide his mischief, "The princess is okay! No need to panic your lordship."

Nangong Longwei coughed awkwardly and averted his eyes in embarrassment. "Who was worried?"

Wuxiang Changqing only rolled his eyes and threw gauze at the duke and pointed to his bloody, clenched hands. "Treat that. You wouldn't want to lose all feel in them, right?"

Yu Zhenzhen gasped when she saw his wounds. Why was he so injured? Is it because he saved her? She didn't want to be in a debt so she commanded him to come closer.

Wuxiang Changqing widened his eyes, "At least wait until I leave! My innocent, virgin eyes don't want to get sullied... I'd rather just keep picturing birds and bees like we are taught as children." He rapidly closed the door behind him before Nangong Longwei could scold him.


Next chapter preview:

Chapter 24: In which the female lead finally makes her appearance

Nangong Longwei gave Yu Zhenzhen an apologetic look but stilled when she grabbed his hands. In comparison to his hands, Yu Zhenzhen's hands were a lot smaller and more fair while his were the color of wheat and calloused from the rough use of the sword. And now, due to him clenching in worry, they were a bloody mess.

Yu Zhenzhen sat up, ignoring the pain in her back and used the gauze to wrap it around his hands attentively.

She didn't notice the tender look he was giving her nor how his cold expression was tranquil and gentle. If anyone else had seen the ruthless, cold lord with such an expression, they'd be foaming blood. Nobody, not even those who worked in Nangong Manor, could have pictured such a day. A day where the duke was behaving so pleasant with a woman.

After she finished wrapping the gauze, Nangong Longwei mumbled a quiet thank you. Yu Zhenzhen smiled and then the atmosphere proceeded to turn awkward. Thankfully, a servant bowed and greeted them with news.

"My lord," The servant paused, not sure whether or not he was allowed to say in front of the beautiful lady. When he saw the duke nod his head, he continued, "A lady by the name of Qing Xiaolin is knocking on our Nangong Manor doors..."

End of preview! Sorry about the suspense, but what do you think is going to happen when the female lead of the story finally appears? My fingers are itching to post the next chapter, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow ;)

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