1. Rotten Eggs are the New Cupid

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1. Rotten Eggs are the New Cupid

In a palace decorated with gold and jade, a man in his late thirties sat on his dragon throne with apathetic eyes, staring at the minister kowtowing before him. His expressionless features were cold enough to freeze the Underworld, his ruthlessness causing many to shiver. The minister that was kowtowing felt the temperature in the court room continuing to drop at an alarming rate and lowered his head more pitifully.

"Your Majesty, for the sake of the people, an heir is needed!" The minister's bravely could only be seen as foolishness among the other ministers. The man that was bowing knew that he'd risk his life with what he was asking, but he bravely continued to push the emperor's nerves with the unavoidable question: will His Majesty take concubines... or even an empress?

The emperor pursed his lips and narrowed his cold eyes, causing everyone to shudder and pray for the idiotic man for bringing up the emperor's unpleasant memories.

"So," the emperor's booming voice faltered, "We need heirs to make the people happy?"

The minister trembled but squeaked a quiet yes.

The emperor chuckled bitterly and slammed his fist on the throne violently, "We have made the empire prosper for many years without complaint, but We have asked our marriage to be left alone. Have We not done enough!?"

The minster paled and shook his head fervidly, "Your Highness is magnanimous! Your Highness is merciful..."

"But?" The emperor roared in anger, awaiting the minister's excuse for his atrocity.

The minister gulped and mumbled, "But a crown prince should be stated properly for stability..."

The emperor laughed sarcastically, "And tell me, Minister Yue," he then proceeded to point at the bowing man with his index finger, "Do you think your daughter should be the mother of Our nation?"

Minister Yue quivered but kept his head bowed. The emperor closed his eyes at his forming headache and ordered, "Take him away."

Minster Yue widened his wrinkled eyes in fear and began begging the emperor for forgiveness as the emperor's guards dragged him away. Unfortunately for him, he had his fate sealed the moment he brought up the taboo topic with the emperor.

The emperor glanced at the shivering court and murmured, "Anyone else caring to share their opinion about Our heirs and marriage? Anyone else willing to showcase their daughter to interest Us?"

The remaining court members fell to their knees as the emperor waved them off, dismissing his morning court. Once the last member left, he left his throne room and began wandering his garden, sighing and looking at the sky, wishing it would swallow him like it swallowed her.

It had been a decade since that incident and he had been haunted by his remorse every moment of it.  He kept thinking: what if he never left the tent? What if he protected her in time? The what ifs swirled around his mind; suffocating his heart.

Suddenly, a beautiful, ghastly woman appeared with a frown. She noticed the aura of melancholy surrounding him and sighed, "Nangong Longwei, how long are you going to grieve for a girl that doesn't and will never belong to you?"

The emperor, named Nangong Longwei, glared at the woman with disgust, "How long are you going to be pestering me, Yu Zhenzhen?"

The spirit, named Yu Zhenzhen, heart ripped to pieces at his gaze. All these years, all these lifetimes... why did he never give her the look that he gave two other women? Albeit the first one he was forced, but how could he fall in love with the second one while she borrowed Yu Zhenzhen's body?

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