28. Caught Doing Something Naughty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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28. Caught Doing Something Naughty ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

OYZZ, still occupying Yu Zhenzhen's body, walked forward and pushed open the door. Er Xi immediately greeted her with a smile and a small bow, "Princess! Are you finished praying?"

OYZZ ignored her and walked towards the resting quarters with her dagger hidden in her sleeve. Er Xi was confused and a chill vibrated through her heart since the princess' behavior just now was very similar to how she used to act before her amnesia.

Er Xi paled at the thought of the princess having regained her memories. "Princess! Where are you going?"

OYZZ ignored her and continued walking until she stopped in from of a door with a very specific person occupying the room beyond the door.

Yu Zhenzhen continued to beg OYZZ to not do anything foolish, but the pampered princess had already made up her mind. Stubborn and bold, she opened the door without bothering to knock.

Yu Zhenzhen's floating ghost followed and both OYZZ and ghost paused at the sight in front of them. They were shocked at the masculine man that had his wet eight pack abdominals on display lying on the bed.

His wet hair was fanned around his face and his eyes were closed, his face showing no expression. He looked like an angel without a care for the world.

Yu Zhenzhen could feel something warm dropping down and she squeaked in embarrassment when she realized it was her nose that was bleeding.

So this was the infamous nosebleed. It was very odd especially when the bleeding didn't show any signs of stopping.

She used both her hands to cover her nose and looked away from OYZZ's gaze that was full of amusement.

Speaking of OYZZ, she had felt a spark in her dead heart as well. But when she remembered that this was the same man that had killed her and her family, her ration mind had overtaken her foolish heart and she only gave him a look of disgust.

She inched closer with the dagger still hidden in her sleeve, very careful not to wake him up from his slumber.

Nangong Longwei didn't move and continued to breath softly and his eyes would twitch every once in a while like he was dreaming about something. Or someone.

OYZZ was now standing in front of his chest. She raised her arm, about to pull out the dagger, but two strong arms pulled her arms and caused her to stumble in the bed.

She squeaked until she was underneath Nangong Longwei. He gave her a cold smirk, "Wanting to pounce on your lordship while he's in bed?"

OYZZ's mouth was dry, not knowing how to respond to the wolf in front of her. "Who wants to pounce on you?" And to test his jealousy, she added, "Besides, Prince Natsu will always be there in case I need to pounce."

His face looked utterly chilling and his sharp eyebrows furrowed with anger, "Your precious Sin-gege?" OYZZ wanted to ask where he got precious from her words, but once again, she decided to play with the man.

Her next words were stuck in her throat when he pulled out the small dagger from her sleeve and gave a harsh chuckle, "Trying to play dirty, wife? Your lordship shall teach you a lesson on not to play on dangerous territory."

He slowly leaned forward and tried to capture her lips with his. For a moment, OYZZ was tempted by his handsome to allow him, but then remembered what he did. How he was behaving this way in this lifetime confused her, but she didn't allow it to change the course of her revenge.

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