26. A Trip to the Temple

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26. A Trip to the Temple

"Zhen Zhen, you were only gone for a short while and you come back with a sword wound!?" Empress Yu exclaimed loudly with tears. Her precious daughter had woken up from a two month coma only to be kidnapped by stupid bandits and saved by her ex-fiancé.

Life has certainly been tough for the girl.

Yu Zhenzhen smiled at her mother, "Those bandits sure were tough to deal with. Thankfully, Prince Sin, Lijie gege and... his lordship the duke were there to save me." Before any of the men could tell the emperor what happened, Yu Zhenzhen specifically begged them not to tell that it was Natsu Sin who had her kidnapped. The primary reason being she didn't want war to occur because of the silly ordeal.

Hence they thought of the idea of using bandits as an excuse.

"My precious child," the empress cooed, "Mother won't allow you to go anywhere until you heal fully."

Yu Zhenzhen pouted, "Imperial mother... please don't lock Zhen Zhen in. Zhen Zhen is almost healed," An idea sprouted in Yu Zhenzhen's head. "Please let me go to Flourishing Temple to pray. Please imperial mother! Zhen Zhen feels that many ominous events have fallen on our Yu family. Zhen Zhen wish to go and pray for our safety."

"No. What if there are risks of bandits appearing again?"

Yu Zhenzhen pinched her thigh and a few tears dripped now her cheek, "Please, imperial mother. I will be okay with any security you and imperial father provide."

Empress Yu rolled her eyes at her daughter's dramatic antics and slowly nodded. Truly, she needed to start saying no to her spoiled daughter. The little brat was starting to use tears for everything. But she could only let her have her way since Yu Zhenzhen was injured and she didn't want her daughter to feel any discomfort. "But you must come back as soon as the ceremony hosted is over. Don't stay any extra days or your mother's heart will not be able to take it."

Yu Zhenzhen leaped from her spot, ignoring the horrendous pain, and hugged the empress. "Thank you imperial mother! Zhen Zhen will not disappoint."

The empress sighed and only prayed in her head for the journey to go smoothly.


Yu Zhenzhen pouted when she the the group of guards surround a luxurious carriage. When she told her mother she was going to let her and the emperor decide on security, she didn't mean in this way! The number of soldiers here was big enough to rival some imperial army. For goodness sakes, she was only going to have an ancient version of a road trip, no need for so much precaution.

She saw familiar faces and one female face she did not want to see.

She leaned over and whispered in Er Xi's ear, "Er Xi, what is Qing Xiaolin doing here?"

Er Xi gave her a look of confusion until she saw where the princess was looking at. She then discreetly pointed at Nangong Longwei, "His lordship brought a few servants for help along with his soldiers."

Yu Zhenzhen sighed, "Isn't he supposed to leave me alone after our engagement was broken? Why is he still trailing after me like a second shadow..." Her vision turned to Ouyang Dichen and frowned. What was the yandere doing here? He should be playing the part of the sweet scholar that turns psychopath on anyone that dares to harm Qing Xiaolin.

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