Prologue: When Modern Sleeping Beauty Finally Awakens

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Prologue: When Modern Sleeping Beauty Finally Awakens

"Head Nurse!" A clumsy, young woman with blonde hair and cerulean eyes squeaked out, annoying the much older and experienced nurse in the hospital. The Head Nurse turned her attention to the young woman and rolled her eyes, bored despite the fact that it was barely the start of the day. "Yes, Ms. Rilianne White?"

"Why doesn't anyone monitor room 360?" Rilianne White innocently asked, pointing to an abandoned room at the end of hall. The Head Nurse sighed as she stared at the twenty-one-year-old intern. Apparently the foreign beauty didn't know what and who resided in that room.

"Ms. White," The Head Nurse began, "I must inform you that room 360 is a hopeless case. Nobody, even the doctors, have any hope left for the patient inside of it. The only people that see her are the two old janitors that switch shifts every two weeks. Otherwise, no one knows how the girl is or how she looks like... despite being a hopeless case, her poor parents still insist for her to stay at the hospital to receive nutrients to keep her alive."

Rilanne White's blue eyes flashed with anger and disbelief, "That's illegal! How could nobody keep an eye on the patient!?"

The Head Nurse shook her head at the naïvety of the young woman in front of her, "She's been in a coma for approximately four years. One of our longest cases and definitely the case that doesn't exhibit any symptoms of recovery."

Rilianne White closed her eyes in defeat. Despite what the Head Nurse said, she had a feeling they were making a huge mistake. After all, shouldn't doctors and nurses do their very best for a patient's health? By the looks of it, they were tired of the person inside room 360 and wanted her out. Unfortunately for them, she, Rilianne White, was not going to permit them the chance.

"Head Nurse!" The Head Nurse raised her head from her magazine and immediately noticed the determination in the foreign woman's orbs. She crossed her arms and muttered, "Let me guess: you want to be in charge of room 360, right?"

Rilianne White nodded eagerly and the Head Nurse sarcastically mumbled, "Don't come crying to me when you lose your internship..."

And thus began Rilianne White taking care of the patient in room 360. The blonde woman first began by cleaning up the dust that the janitors hadn't bothered with and she then proceeded to give the patient a bath. Though it was a bit difficult as the patient—a woman that looked to be near her age except with a malnourished body—she, Rilianne White, had done it.

And now that she could get a clear look at the patient's face, she was mesmerized. Although the patient's cheeks were hollow and dark circles occupied around her eyes, the patient was easily the most stunning Chinese woman Rilianne White had seen while staying in China. Even the models she had seen on TV didn't compare as the woman had long, glossy black hair that paired with thick, yet unkempt eyebrows. Although the woman was really slim because of the minimum food she was getting in her system, Rilianne White knew that the woman had a body that beat plastic surgery any day. It was a gut feeling, and Rilianne White wanted to verify with the patient awake with her.

Unfortunately, she remembered the Head Nurse's words: the patient had not woken up for a few years now, so why would she wake up now?

Deep in her heart, Rilianne White made a promise—she would befriend the girl if she ever woke up.

Rilianne White took care of the patient—which she found out was named Zheng Mimi from her files—for approximately three months. Each day, she would take care of the patient in terms of appearance and hygiene and made sure to monitor her heartbeat and other vitals. She also began massaging her muscles so that the woman wouldn't spend as much time in physical therapy due to inactivity for a few years. Even with Rilianne White's help, Zheng Mimi's muscles were extremely stiff, so the young intern knew it would take minimally one year for her to walk... if she ever woke up.

Rilianne White sighed as she stared at the modern day Sleeping Beauty. She began to understand why everyone had assumed the girl was a hopeless case—she never stirred or showed any signs of waking up. It was like she was an empty body! Nonetheless, Rilianne White was careful with the patient, believing that the girl would wake up one day.

To her amazement and astonishment, the girl's fingers twitched. Rilianne White's eyes widened in shock as the comatose Sleeping Beauty's eyes fluttered. She found herself staring at a pair of doe-like, dark eyes that contrasted with her seductive face. Fortunately, they suited her appearance and gave the feeling of a small bunny wanting to be protected.

"W-W-Where..." Her hoarse voice snapped Rilianne White out of her trance as the young intern quickly and urgently yelled for the doctor. She turned to Zheng Mimi and assured, "Don't worry! You're in the hospital..."

"H-Hospital?" Zheng Mimi's head throbbed when she remembered the last thing that happened: her death as Yu Zhenzhen. After Qing Xiaolin stabbed her, Nangong Longwei had frantically entered the tent only to find he was too late. He saw her close her tearful eyes for an eternal slumber... Zheng Mimi's heart throbbed when she remembered his dead eyes. No longer did they hold coldness, but desperation as he stared at her dying form.

She bit her cracked lip to prevent a sob. She was officially in the modern world and there was no way back. Everything was over. Their love was over.

And judging by how her parents weren't even there, Zheng Mimi had the feeling she was in a coma for a long time. Zheng Mimi swallowed her saliva to help her dry throat and reminded herself—a new life without you...

Rilianne White noticed Zheng Mimi's pretty eyes alternate between sadness and regret until they finally turned cold. She felt her heart full with pity for the former comatose girl... she promised herself that she would take care of the woman out of pity. Who knew her decision had allowed her to meet the greatest friend she ever had? Or more commonly known as a best friend...

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