10. Makeover of the Century

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10. Makeover of the Century

The old woman used brow powder to darken Yu Zhenzhen's eyebrows, a bit of blush on her pale face, and and lipstick paper to redden her thin lips. Finally, she used a red paint to draw a scarlet chrysanthemum on her forehead.

The old woman gasped at the final product and wiped away a fear tears, "Goodness! This old woman has finally been able to dress and makeup a beauty capable of downfalls and wars. Beautiful cannot describe you dear. I wonder how pretty you would look if we used thick makeup... The good news is, you're unrecognizable. Bad news is..."

"The bad news?" Yu Zhenzhen questioned as she glanced at herself the bronze mirror. She looked so different than her usual pretty-in-pink self. The girl being reflected was a seductress that carried a vixen smile. So different to the point Yu Zhenzhen was ninety-nine percent sure nobody would recognize her.

Of course, her luck was so bad that she would regret saying those words so soon and jinxing herself. But that isn't until later.

"The bad news is that you look like the brothel's new courtesan."

A thick tear streamed down Yu Zhenzhen's face as she realized how low she had gotten in life...

And all because of a rotten egg.

Damn it, if she goes back to the modern world, Yu Zhenzhen promises to never even touch an egg ever again!

"Don't cry! Don't cry! This old lady was a bit harsh on her words, so she'll compensate you with her greatest treasure..." the old woman comforted softly.

Yu Zhenzhen opened her eyes wide and shook her head, "No way! Grandmother has already done enough by being so generous. This young lady will definitely not be a burden to grandmother anymore." Yu Zhenzhen made sure not to mention anything of her name or her status by using careful, polite words.

The old woman smiled fondly, "No, I insist. Besides, this old woman's granddaughter isn't in this world anymore, and if she were alive, she would be around your age. Since she's no longer alive, this old woman has grown quite fond of you whom is a brave and young girl."

"Grandmother..." Yu Zhenzhen hugged the sweet woman in gratitude as sympathy pooled in her chest. "I would be happy to be your granddaughter."

Even in the modern world, Yu Zhenzhen hadn't had the opportunity to interact with her grandparents since one pair was dead while the other were too busy for their grandkids.

Hence meeting this old woman was a stroke of luck that Yu Zhenzhen would gladly accept.

The old woman took out a small, wooden box that was carefully hidden among the other boxes and slowly lifted the lid. Inside was a jade bracelet that made Yu Zhenzhen gape in awe.

Clearly the bracelet was top-notch, even better than the jewelry Yu Zhenzhen had herself.

It even had a feature of adding tiny trinkets, like a ancient version of a charm bracelet.

"G-Grandmother, are you sure you want to give this to me? It seems too precious..."

The old woman smiled sadly, "Of course. This thing was getting dusty since nobody was wearing it. Granddaughter, I want you to wear it always and add a tiny trinket every time you meet a memorable person or have a memorable event you wish to remember."

Yu Zhenzhen bowed deeply to the old woman and gratefully accepted the pretty bracelet.

It wrapped around Yu Zhenzhen's slender wrist perfectly, almost as though it was made for her.

"Grandmother, this young one's name is Wi Linsu... Grandmother, Su Su will visit you soon!" Yu Zhenzhen wished she could give the old lady her real name, but that was a dangerous risk since the walls had ears.

The old lady just smiled gently, "For now, have fun and be in love! This Xi Elder will wait anxiously to see you! Now off you go..."

Yu Zhenzhen smiled at the old woman as she suddenly remembered the story of Cinderella.

This time, Cinderella didn't want to be stuck in the castle and wanted to have some fun. But who knew she'd meet a stubborn Prince Charming and an old woman who was the kindest Fairy Godmother who helped Cinderella have a little fun?

Yu Zhenzhen bowed again and walked back to where an already dressed Natsu Sin stood impatiently. He looked like an immortal despite wearing ordinary clothes.

He was about to ask why she was so late, but his words got stuck in his throat.

The delicate princess was now standing in front of him looking like the definition of the word sexy.

He actually didn't recognize her if it weren't for the old lady standing next to her and winking mischievously at him.

"Take a picture it'll last much longer..." Yu Zhenzhen said smugly.

Natsu Sin cleared his throat and gave her a confused look, "What's a picture?"

Yu Zhenzhen pouted and ignored his question. She had always wanted to use this line on a guy that was speechless, and when she finally did, he was an ancient dude who didn't even understand...

"Draw a painting then you can drool as much as you want." Yu Zhenzhen huffed.

This time, Natsu Sin understood as he gave her a smirk, "Why should I when the real deal is standing in front of me ready to eat?"

"What!? Prince Natsu, please keep appropriate distances."

Natsu Sin gave her a dubious look and snatched her hand.

Yu Zhenzhen rolled her eyes. Sure she was being a hypocrite since she started the whole conversation, but women are always right anyways. So it didn't matter.

She waved goodbye at the Xi Elder and allowed herself to be dragged around.


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