Author's Clarification + Ask Questions For Character(s) Interview

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Hey guys!

So I've seen a lot of comments of people who are like "what the heck just happened?" in the last chapter and just wanted clarify a few things:

I hinted multiple places that the only "official way" for Zheng Mimi to return is to fulfill the two conditions set by OYZZ. She completed the first one by separating from Nangong Longwei for three years and she completed the second one (although forced) by killing her childhood friend, Qing Xiaolin.

In the last paragraph of chapter 50, Qing Xiaolin uses the same dagger (by pulling it out of her heart) and plunging into Yu Zhenzhen's body saying (to OYZZ) that she won't allow OYZZ to "win". So she stabbed Yu Zhenzhen (with Zheng Mimi's soul inside) and mumbled (to her childhood friend) that she's "sorry".

I guess that might've been confusing...

Anyways, I've received many messages regarding Nangong Longwei and Zheng Mimi... guys they will end up together. In the second book, I promise. Please have patience as I write the second book. In fact, I'm going to write the prologue and post it in a few days (if not today).

Do you guys remember the rotten egg? Yeap, it's still important.

Anyways, I'll actually be doing an interview style Q&A, so from April 09, 2018 to April 15, 2018, you guys can ask ANY character any question. During the interview, all characters will be there including our favorite Sin.

So ask away!

Even OYZZ and Zheng Mimi can be asked questions...

And Qing Xiaolin.

And Nangong Longwei... doods, any character.

The more questions, the longer our interview ;)

Anyways, I hope I helped clarify a few things... I'll also be posting the alternate HAPPY ENDING to this book (but not the real one) later today or tomorrow afternoon since I've got a major exam *cough* one of my finals *cough* tomorrow... #prayforscarlettt

And other bonuses/alternate endings will be posted in the span of this month randomly (when I have time).

Ask away ;)

Anywhoo,Ask away ;)

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