39. Accusations Mixed With a Game of Chess!? (I)

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39. Accusations Mixed With a Game of Chess!? (I)

"Emergency meeting!" A eunuch called out, his breath uneven from all the running he had to do. "The emperor has demanded an emergency meeting at court."

Yu Zhenzhen frowned and paused her game of chess with Ouyang Dichen, looking up. "What is it over?"

The eunuch shook his bowed head, "Nucai does not know."

"Hmm... I'll be there in a few minutes." Though Yu Zhenzhen's tone was relaxed, inside she was panicking.

What if her father found out about her sudden decision to get engaged? What if he's angry?

Yu Zhenzhen mentally rolled her eye at her stupidity. Her father shouldn't be angry since he had practically reminded her of her single status at the end of every court meeting.

To hear his old daughter sudden decision of matrimony, he should be squealing with joy. Yu Zhenzhen mentally snorted at the image of the old man jumping up and down like a teenage girl who got to meet her idol.

She turned her attention and noticed a pair of peach blossom eyes giving her an amused look. Yu Zhenzhen frowned and placed her rook down, softly calling out, "Checkmate."

Ouyang Dichen lost the amused look in his eyes and stared at the chess board in shock. His vision alternated between the board and Yu Zhenzhen as he slowly shook his head, "Impossible..." he muttered. "I can't seem to win once against you. Why?"

"I'm too amazing. Duh."

Her sassy reply left Ouyang Dichen speechless as he suddenly recalled their first time playing chess together...

The Palace of Yu, One Year After the Cliff Incident

Yu Zhenzhen sighed and leaned her head on the table, staring at her reflection being reflected on the bronze mirror. Every time she saw her face, she remembered that she was no longer looking at Zheng Mimi, but she was looking at a princess named Yu Zhenzhen.

And every time she glanced at her dark eyes, she remembered a pair of dark, phoenix eyes staring at her with coldness yet vulnerability. The day he protected her so ferociously was the day she stopped playing 'hard to get' as the modern term would refer to it. In fact, she didn't even realize that she liked the duke, nonetheless love him.

He was just an annoying guy that caused the OYZZ's death. He was a guy she loved to tease. He was a guy that she hated yet loved.

Yu Zhenzhen sighed. Apparently the saying the more you hate, the more you love was true. She missed him so badly.

"Princess!" Er Xi called out in distress. "The future prime minister, Ouyang-gongzi, is here to see you!"

Ouyang-gongzi... who's that? Wait!

Yu Zhenzhen widened her eyes in shock but slowly nodded. "Let him enter-"

Before she could complete her thought, Qing Xiaolin ushered the peach blossom eyed man inside, offering to bring some tea.

Er Xi threw a nasty glare in the direction of the disobedient servant and a questioning look in Yu Zhenzhen's direction.

Yu Zhenzhen's eyes reflected helplessness as he shrugged.

Most might call her stupid for allowing Qing Xiaolin to be her personal servant, especially after Qing Xiaolin made it seem like she was a villain, but Yu Zhenzhen-no, Zheng Mimi-didn't feel like abandoning the female lead.

Her stupid, kind head couldn't allow herself to abandon a woman who she stole her love from.

Technically, he was meant to be Yu Zhenzhen's fiancé, but in the story, he had meant to end up with Qing Xiaolin. So although it was taking back what was Yu Zhenzhen's, it still didn't feel right in Zheng Mimi's heart.

But at this point, even if the plot had shifted too differently, she still allowed the female lead to live a comfortable life.

Yu Zhenzhen didn't think the female lead actually fell in love with Nangong Longwei in this lifetime, hence why she was kind to her.

And besides, Nangong Longwei was dead. Neither women could even dream about being with him, especially Yu Zhenzhen. He was her first love, so it was going to be difficult to get over him.

Even now, one year later, she was still thinking of him.

Yu Zhenzhen turned her attention to Ouyang Dichen with a false smile on her face. It seemed like in the past year, she hadn't been able to smile without forcing it. In the place of her heart, there was a dull pain that never seemed to cease.

"Let's play a game of chess." He suddenly said, startling Yu Zhenzhen.

Chess? How does he know I even play?

Not wanting to arise suspicion, Yu Zhenzhen nodded, "Er Xi, hurry and prepare a chessboard and bring a few sweets and tea."

Er Xi nodded and pulled away Qing Xiaolin that widened her angelic eyes in the direction of Ouyang Dichen. The young man raised his brows in confusion and ignored the servant.

Unbeknownst to those in the room, Qing Xiaolin noticed his uninterested actions and she fumed with anger. He was supposed to love her naïvety and was supposed to love her, along with every other male in this story. She turned her hostile look on the direction of Yu Zhenzhen.

It's all her fault! Qing Xiaolin mentally complained. The stupid girl seemed to have stolen every man that was meant to be hers. The servant girl shook away her thoughts. It doesn't matter since it's in this lifetime, only.

While she was in the kitchen, Qing Xiaolin allowed a wicked laugh to escape her mouth. Yes, Yu Zhenzhen, prepare for your death in the next lifetime...


End of chapter! Part two is posted as well! Anyways, this is just a flashback of when Ouyang Dichen and Yu Zhenzhen officially got aquatinted.

This was actually a preview for chapter 30, but I decided to delay it until the right time.

So here we are!

Enjoy part two~

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