6. Rejection Starts With Yu

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6. Rejection Starts With Yu

Yu Zhenzhen froze as the man with phoenix eyes stood up and walked in her direction.

He wore all white which suited his deity-like appearance.

He had a sharp nose, sharp brows, and chiseled jawline. His long, black hair flowed like midnight behind him. If he was in the modern world, he would have been the most gorgeous supermodel.

Goodness! The author made him too handsome!

Yu Zhenzhen averted her shocked eyes and discreetly wiped away the drool that was starting to drip.

She had to remember that Nangong Longwei hated when anyone gave him lovestruck looks, except for Qing Xiaolin, the female lead.

Which Yu Zhenzhen thought it was illogical, but who was she to question the author's logic? She was just the second-female lead that was trying hard to keep her and her family's life.

"A very good son-in-law! I am proud! We shall find a auspicious date for marriage soon." The emperor boasted.

Yu Zhenzhen walked to her seat and frowned. When had there been an extra seat in the royal family's section? Especially next to her?

Before she could ask, Nangong Longwei flowed to the extra seat like a king.

Yes, flowed. No other word could Yu Zhenzhen use to describe his movements for they were as smooth as water.

She tried imitating causing Nangong Longwei's icy expression to crack momentarily.

His eyes filled with mirth at the beautiful girl awkwardly trying to walk like him.

She looked like a duck learning to swim for the first time.

He heard a snort and his eyes immediately darted to the source—Ouyang Dichen.

His regained his hard look and narrowed his eyes slightly at Ouyang Dichen.

Why did he feel annoyed when someone else looked at Yu Zhenzhen?

The bratty princess was just an asset he needed to conquer to be closer to the throne.

Yu Zhenzhen took the seat next to him and started ignoring him.

Nangong Longwei's eyebrow twitched, for he had never been ignored before, especially by the opposite gender.

Yet here stood this girl ignoring him like he wasn't the dirt on her shoe.

His cleared his throat and grabbed a random cup of wine and started sipping. She leaned closer without looking at him.

"Don't worry, I'll take to imperial father to reject this marriage. A girl like me won't hold you back from pursuing anyone you like, hǎoyùn! Or if you like it Korean, Hwaiting!"

He choked and started coughing rapidly.

She turned her vision to him and her big, doe-like eyes filled with worry, "What's wrong? Do you need water? Do you need mouth-to-mouth?"

Before he could reply, her next words completely stepped on his ego and pride, "Because I can get Eunuch Cao to help you breath."

Nangong Longwei turned his direction to an old man wearing eunuch clothing. As though he felt his stare, Eunuch Cao turned his head and met his gaze. The old man winked and continued on standing next to the emperor.

Nangong Longwei felt bile in his throat as he shuddered n disgust.

"You!" He pointed angrily at Yu Zhenzhen. "How could you dare to mention such a thing to your future husband?"

"Eh?" Yu Zhenzhen was truly confused. In the novel, despite any words the princess spoke, Nangong Longwei ignored her like she was air.

So why did he look at her like she was a father allowing someone to take advantage of him, his daughter?

All she suggested was CPR, and he went nuts.

"Me? What about me?"

Nangong Longwei leaned forward to the point that she could hear and feel his warm breath, "How could you suggest rejecting this marriage to your future husband? How could you suggest other women to your husband?"

Yu Zhenzhen rolled her eyes and moved her head back, "One, we all know every man here and every bachelor has like fifty wives and fifty concubines, hence my suggestion. Two, don't get too close to me."

Nangong Longwei smirked, "Why? Is it because you're trying to keep your newly acquired reputation?"

Yu Zhenzhen shook her head, "No, your breath stinks of garlic."

Nangong Longwei's smirk dropped as he stared at her in horror. This girl keeps insulting him despite him being a noble duke!


Yu Zhenzhen coughed, "Sir, you haven't married into our imperial family yet, so please refrain from using 'you' when speaking to those whom are of higher class than you. Thank you."

With those words that left Nangong Longwei speechless, Yu Zhenzhen turned around and ignored him for the rest of the banquet, smiling at everyone and everything except for him.

Nangong Longwei narrowed his eyes, good! Very good! Let the heavens hear this oath for I, Nangong Longwei, promise to make this haughty princess who had embarrassed me multiple times to kneel before me. Even if it's the last thing I do.

Yu Zhenzhen felt a dark gaze watching her and she shuddered.

She just hoped her actions today would be enough to keep Nangong Longwei away from her...

Yet why was he doing the opposite thing!?


Note, the title is a play of words with 'rejection' and 'yu' being princess Yu Zhenzhen.

Give yourself a pat on the back if you caught that.

Until next the chapter ;)

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