Epilogue: The Lonely Emperor

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Epilogue: The Lonely Emperor

"They call him The Lonely Emperor." A servant whispered, darting her eyes back and forth to make sure no one was there to hear their conversation.

The second, younger servant tilted her head in confusion, "Why do they do that?"

"Because when his lover died, he went berserk and attacked the Yu empire..." the first servant widened her eyes and corrected, "I mean, the Nangong Empire."

"But it's been more than five years since the Yu Empire collapsed... hadn't His Majesty moved on?" The second maid asked in confusion.

The first one tsked at the second maid's naïvety, "Little sister, many have tried to climb into his bed only to be executed."

The second maid gasped inaudibly, "Is His Highness still in love with his deceased lover?"

The first maid nodded, "Every year, on her death anniversary, he wonders around the places they've been together with her bracelet in his hand. Finally, he lies down on her grave, soaking it with his tears."

The second maid gaped, "That's..."

"Tragedy." The first maid completed with a sigh, "Truly tragic for our emperor. A lifetime of happiness slipping through his fingers in exchange of a lifetime of agony and tears. Little sister, let's pray for our emperor..."

The second servant nodded, "Pray that the heavens will allow them a second chance of happiness in their next life together..."

The first servant clasped her hand with the second maid, closing her eyes and whispering, "Indeed..."


Short little epilogue so that you'd understand what happens afterwards... poor Nangong Longwei 😢

The author herself feels guilty >.<

Once again, there will be a lot of bonus chapters and a few alternate endings for you happy ending fanatics (like me, hehe.)

Thank you
for reading

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