35. He Has My Heart

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35. He Has My Heart

Once again, Yu Zhenzhen was interrupted when a rain of arrows hurled in their direction.

Yu Zhenzhen visibly turned more and more pale as Nangong Longwei shielded them from the arrows.

Except the man couldn't protect both of them from hundred-no, thousands-of arrows, so a few ended up embedded in his body.

Yu Zhenzhen saw him using his sword to protect them as much as possible until finally, the arrows ended. Except now, dozens of men in black clothes jumped out from their surroundings and started attacking the duo. Nangong Longwei continued to defend until a hoarse voice stopped him, "Drop your weapon or the girl gets it, your lordship."

Nangong Longwei's eyes widened in shock when he saw Yu Zhenzhen's swan-like neck pierced slightly, blood dripping down her clothes.

"Nangong Longwei! You better not! For your country, for everyone's safety, you better not give up! A mere political pawn like me can't, no won't, hinder you, the duke of an empire!" Yu Zhenzhen cried out, earning her a slap from the man who held her hostage.

Nangong Longwei noticed and clenched his jaw. His phoenix eyes turned even darker, if possible, and the atmosphere surrounding him turned even colder. He dropped his sword and the men immediately attacked him, but he dodged with his swift agility, except getting a few slashes here and there.

Finally, the guards and everyone else that came with Yu Zhenzhen showed up and the men quickly started running away. The man that held Yu Zhenzhen captive tsked and pushed the delicate princess on the ground, disappearing with the rest of his men.

Yu Zhenzhen immediately ran to Nangong Longwei and supported the heavily injured man, whispering comforting words in his ears.

"It's okay, we're okay now." She said gently. Never had her heart thumped so fast in fear. The thought of losing the man in front of her, it was absolutely and utterly terrifying. She knew that the feelings she had for him often bored between love and hate, but who could blame her?

She hated him for being so overwhelming.

She hated how controlling he was.

She hated how he mistreated her and was a complete asshole often times.

But she also hated seeing him looking at other girls other than her.

She hated losing him.

She hated seeing him smile at a female other than her.

She hated not being near him.

She, Zheng Mimi, knew she had to accept the fact that she was in love with the duke by the name of Nangong Longwei. Which means she can't fulfill the requirements for going back to her world-breaking his heart and killing the female lead.

Seeing how fervently he defended them, at the cost of so many injuries, she couldn't. It wouldn't be right. Which means from now on, she will happily live in this body and forever forget her previous life. And hopefully, OYZZ could understand her reasoning and accept her decision. Though deep in her heart, she knew how difficult and ridiculous the idea was. Seeing how vengeful OYZZ was, how could she just stop and give up?

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