29. Legendary Tale of Two Lovers Started in the Most Awkward Place Ever!

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29. Legendary Tale of Two Lovers Started in the Most Awkward Place Ever!

Yu Zhenzhen noticed that OYZZ held a blank look and her heart felt... pity?

She didn't understand why OYZZ was so obsessed with Nangong Longwei. Despite claiming that she hated the duke, Yu Zhenzhen could clearly tell that OYZZ liked the man. And it was a like that alternated to love every once in a while when OYZZ thought Yu Zhenzhen didn't notice.


For a man that was disgusted by her lovestruck look, why would so go so far? For a man that had slaughtered her for another woman in every lifetime, why would she care?

Unless there was a deeper ploy at play. Yu Zhenzhen, no Zheng Mimi, was going to find out.

Yu Zhenzhen reached over and nudged OYZZ. The deceased princess understood her meaning and said, "I need to go to go back to where I was before since I seemed to have dropped something while praying. Do not follow me."

Er Xi wanted to protest, but she stopped when seeing the princess' harsh glare. She furrowed her brows in hurt and kept quiet.

Ever since the princess claimed she had amnesia, she had insisted for the tiny maid to address herself as a friend. And even though Er Xi was hesitant, she still did so and found herself loving the fact that they were friends. But the princess' look right now was absolutely degrading and haughty. It hurt Er Xi's heart but she had no right to speak out since she was at the bottom of the pyramid of class while the princess was the very tip of the pyramid in terms of power and class.

Yu Zhenzhen noticed Er Xi's hurt look and scolded OYZZ for treating the poor teenager with such behavior.

"You know, she's a human being just like you."


"Okay, ignoring me now? You do realize I was only a mere chef living contently. You're the one who dragged me in this mess. Besides..." Yu Zhenzhen paused and her voice wavered, "I never wanted to be a floating ghost..."

OYZZ sighed and turned her attention to Yu Zhenzhen, "Ranting about life, huh?"

Yu Zhenzhen rolled her eyes, "Yes, the life I had compared to the life I have now. Do you understand how difficult it is knowing your body is in a different world? How it feels to be in an alternate reality?"

OYZZ's eyes flashed with sadness but she immediately blinked it away, "I do actually. In fact, Qing Xiaolin should know as well..."

Her words made Yu Zhenzhen speechless. Qing Xiaolin?

Did that mean the angelic girl was from her world? Transmigrated as well?

But she didn't seem like she transmigrated or else she would've used the fact that she's the female lead to her advantage...

What is going on?

Before Yu Zhenzhen had the chance to voice her question out loud, OYZZ interrupted, "You can have my body back. I'll leave seducing the supporting male leads to you."

But I don't want-

A harsh force punched Yu Zhenzhen in the stomach and she felt like vomiting.

She blinked and noticed she was no longer floating and was standing in ground.

Her hands were flawless and dainty-the hands of a princess.

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