8. Escaping, Yet Still Stumbling Upon an Obstacle

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8. Escaping, Yet Still Stumbling Upon an Obstacle

"Zhen Zhen, eat this."

"Zhen Zhen, eat that."

"Zhen Zhen, be careful! That's hot, let me blow on it for you."

Yu Zhenzhen flawless face turned red with anger as she looked at the sister-complexed boy that had been treating her like she was a porcelain doll for the past thirty minutes.

Even the stoic Nangong Longwei had shown some emotion by narrowing his eyes and his eyebrows twitching occasionally.

"Yu Lijie! I can take care of myself!" She finally snapped.

Yu Lijie gave her a look of hurt, "Why is Zhen Zhen using referring to this gege in such a cold way?"

Yu Zhenzhen paled.

She had to be more careful. Even if she was diagnosed with 'amnesia', that didn't mean she could simply blow off certain behaviors of the previous Yu Zhenzhen.

And that includes her familiarity with her family.

Despite having other half-siblings being from different mothers, the previous Yu Zhenzhen treated them somewhat politely yet coldly.

But with her brother from the same mother, she was always familiar and acted like a pampered brat.

Speaking of the children that are born from the concubines, there was one particular one that the author had made a big plot twist on later in the book.

Though Yu Zhenzhen unfortunately can't remember what and whether it's a positive or negative twist in the web novel.

Yu Zhenzhen coughed, "Sorry gege, it's just that Zhen Zhen is a bit tired. Excuse me, I need to use the restroom."

Yu Lijie gave her a charming smile and nodded. His dear sister would never treat him coldly, that he was sure of. No matter what, he loved his precious sister the most.

Yu Zhenzhen breathed a sigh of relief the moment she stepped away from the third floor. Other than her annoying sister-complexed brother being overly protective, the silence in there was causing her a headache.

And it didn't help the fact that Nangong Longwei was brooding over something. Seriously, the author never stated the boy was bipolar. He was supposed to be a calm, collected man that fell in love with the female lead. And even then, he didn't ask reckless or show any emotions.

Yet ever since Yu Zhenzhen met him in her birthday banquet, he had been completely unexpected and opposite of what she believed he would act like.

He was truly was overwhelming, as suggested from the novel title, but he was overwhelming to the wrong person!

Female lead, you must hurry and seduce your future husband! Yu Zhenzhen cried with grief.

She looked around in her surroundings and saw that the coast was clear.

No way was she going back to that stupid outing with the cold glacier and the third-wheel.

She, Yu Zhenzhen, was going to take matters into her own hands.

Yu Zhenzhen quickly walked out of the Soothing Melody Teahouse, only to bump into a hard chest.

She whimpered and softly apologized without looking at the person.

She tried to walk away from the person, but they stubbornly blocked her path almost as though on purpose.

Yu Zhenzhen turned red with anger, "Excuse me, I have somewhere to be!"

She heard a chuckle and she finally looked up and saw the person.

Dark eyes filled with amusement stared back at her twinkling ones that were wide with shock.

"Y-Your highness Prince Natsu!" Yu Zhenzhen scolded herself mentally. Her luck was so bad that she ran into a second male lead the moment she tried to escape. Not only that, but a dangerous one who was deeply in love with Qing Xiaolin.

He narrowed his eyes, "What is Princess Yu doing here without any protection and guides?"

Yu Zhenzhen laughed awkwardly avoiding his dark gaze, "Hehe, this princess just wanted to have some fun. Please your highness, don't turn bengong in."

He snorted, "As if I care enough to do that. I am only a foreign prince here on vacation."

PSH! Who is going to believe his lies? The author reveals that he was actually sent to spy on the country of Yu, cooperating with Nangong Longwei!

But Yu Zhenzhen only nodded happily and didn't say what was in her mind. After all, she didn't want him to kill her for knowing his secret.

Natsu Sin looked at the beauty in front of him that had the innocence of a lotus. He had wanted to officially meet her at her birthday banquet, but the surprising announcement of her engagement caused him to still with shock. And a bit of anger. Though he didn't know what the anger was for.

Seeing her today with her white attire, he couldn't help tsk at how lucky the duke was.

Who cared if she had a bad reputation? Her beauty compensated perfectly in return. In all his travels, he, Natsu Sin had never seen someone so beautiful.

Yet she unfortunately turned out to be a princess, and an engaged one at that.

"Princess," He suddenly found himself saying. "What if I help sneak you around?"

Her doe-like eyes widened in shock, "Bengong wouldn't want to trouble you."

He laughed, "Of course not. I would be happy to. Besides, there is a chance of danger without bodyguards and maids."

She hesitated for a second before agreeing.

"You believe I can protect you this easily? What if I was a weak and incapable prince?"

She laughed and gave him a dazzling smile, "Then so be it. Since your highness is being so kind to offer, bengong will take her chance and see how bengong's rebellious adventure will turn out to be."

He felt his dead heart skip a beat at her smile. He subconsciously turned his head so that she wouldn't see his face turning a deep shade of scarlet.

Goodness. Staying with this princess was dangerous, especially dangerous to his cold heart!


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