48. The Original Yu Zhenzhen's Jealous Meddling (I)

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48. The Original Yu Zhenzhen's Jealous Meddling (I)

The moment Yu Zhenzhen closed her eyes, she was startled to wake up in a familiar camp. The same camp that had captured her and her two maids. She quickly peeked outside and saw Nangong Longwei talking to a familiar man that she couldn't help but remember. It was the same man that had healed her when Yu Lijie, her brother, had accidentally used a sword against her. Speaking of that incident, he had been extremely distant in the beginning when she returned to the palace, blaming himself, but Yu Zhenzhen smacked some sense into him and their relationship was no longer awkward. In fact, it somehow brought them closer as Yu Zhenzhen had just lost Nangong Longwei.

While she was pondering over Yu Lijie, Wuxiang Changqing had noticed the princess peeking out and muttered something to Nangong Longwei, which caused his ears to redden a bit. Nangong Longwei turned around and strode in Yu Zhenzhen's direction, going inside the tent with a gentle smile on his aristocratic face. Yu Zhenzhen grabbed his arm and frantically asked, "Where are my parents? Are they safe?"

Nangong Longwei raised his eyebrow, "They're in the palace, perfectly fine. What's wrong, princess?"

Yu Zhenzhen's tense brows slowly loosened and she took a deep breath. Subconsciously she had begun to cry tears of joy as she found out her nightmare yesterday was not reality. Nangong Longwei noticed her tears and quickly pulled her in a soothing hug, murmuring comforting words. "Princess, you were out ever since yesterday..." Yu Zhenzhen raised her head and looked into his dark, phoenix eyes, "Why?"

Nangong Longwei sheepishly smiled, "Because I knocked you out... you were getting too emotionally unstable."

So you knock me out? Yeah, that's totally logical, Yu Zhenzhen thought sarcastically. She pursed her lips and muttered, "I still stand by my decision of stopping you. Please don't do something so stupid and ruin everything..." Please don't make my nightmare a reality...

Nangong Longwei sighed and shook his head, "I promised my father..." he began, confusing Yu Zhenzhen. This was clearly not in the original novel. She remembered that the author never specified why Nangong Longwei wanted to take over the Yu empire, just that he wanted to be emperor real badly.

She focused her attention on him as he continued, "Ever since the age of five, I had trained nonstop for my father, Nangong Hengwon, to look at me with a look full of pride. Unfortunately, he was the duke that was always busy battling neighboring countries, so he never had the chance to see me grow. This escalated to the point that ten years had flashed by, and I was fifteen. By this point," Nangong Longwei took a deep breath, his beautiful eyes full of grief, "he had been mortally wounded and was slowly passing away. Before he closed his eyes for eternal slumber, he requested to see me..." Nangong Longwei paused and a tear slipped from his left eye as he remembered the memory of his father's death, "He had apologized for not being there and told me, 'Xiao Wei, I want you to be the best you can ever be in life..."

Yu Zhenzhen's small thumb wiped his stray tears and he continued, "From that moment on, I trained even harder and aimed to be the emperor. I wanted him to see how high I can reach in this lifetime; to be the very best..." he leaned his head downward and rested it on Yu Zhenzhen's shoulder, motionless. Yu Zhenzhen sighed and rolled her eyes at the dramatic interpretation that the man in front of her had thought of. Clearly, she, an outsider, could see that Nangong Hengwon had wanted for his son to be the best not in terms of power, but in terms of himself. He didn't need to change anything, Yu Zhenzhen could guess the deceased general was already plenty proud of his son.

"You fool..." she muttered softly. Nangong Longwei raised his head in confusion and Yu Zhenzhen playfully smacked him, "You fool!" She repeated, louder this time, "Did you ever stop to think what your father truly meant by those words?"

Nangong Longwei looked at her with eyes full of confusion, completely different than his usual eyes of coldness. Yu Zhenzhen sighed and affectionately rubbed his head like he was an innocent kitten, "You father clearly wanted you to be your best, not to have the best power. He obviously cared more about his son than some dumb crown..."

"And you're not saying this because you want to persuade me from not attacking your empire?"

Yu Zhenzhen reached for her shoe before Nangong Longwei raised his hands in surrender, his depressed mood turned brighter. Yu Zhenzhen gazed into his cool eyes and found that they were more calm, like a burden had been lifted from his shoulders.

"Fine," he said with a gentle smile on his face, "I won't cause any trouble... only if you elope with me."

She smiled in happiness and leaned forward to capture the lips of the man in front of her. His happy mood had infected, too. She had even forgotten her terrifying nightmare at this point as both their lips moved in synchronization.

Finally, after a few minutes, their lips separated as the couple looked at each other with mutual love and affection. Nangong Longwei stared at the beauty before him and prayed to the heavens in gratitude for having her in his life. Never again was he going to be foolish and lose her... never again.

Yu Zhenzhen's playful words interrupted his train of thoughts, "I'm still angry at you for being a piece of butt and disappearing for three years... but I think I can forgive you. Although I want us to start off slow-" before she could finish her sentence, Nangong Longwei had captured her lips again and silenced the princess. Breathless and flushed Yu Zhenzhen glared at the overbearing man in front of her. He smirked and said, "Elopement, no?"

Yu Zhenzhen bit her swollen lip and thought about Natsu Sin. Oh the precious man that had been there for her for the past three years, the one where Er Xi secretly shipped her with, the same man that had loved her for so long... she wishes him happiness. She knows how selfish people may call her, but compared to an lifetime of happiness for her and her husband, she couldn't marry the other-despite her agreement-and make both miserable. Yu Zhenzhen sincerely wished the man happiness and hoped he could find a woman that loved him as much as he deserved.

Unbeknownst to the happy couple, a girl by the name of Qing Xiaolin had been listening to their entire conversation, livid and furious. At Yu Zhenzhen for always taking things that did not belong to her, and at Nangong Longwei for being stupid to fall for the girl in front of him. Why was she special, anyways? Other than her beauty, she was worthless... she may be kind, but in Qing Xiaolin's mind, only she deserved the kindness of the princess since she was more superior and she had enjoyed playing with the naïve, little pet.

While Qing Xiaolin watched with anger, she didn't realize that she had actually been somewhat jealous... not at Yu Zhenzhen, but at Nangong Longwei...


I know, majority of y'all are confused (unless you read my message board), but I'll explain. So in America, we have a little holiday called April Fools, and it basically means pulling a few innocent pranks on people for a laugh. So last chapter, I jokingly added "the end" but surprisingly, I was shocked to see so many people believe it and felt really guilty 🙈

Hence why I immediately cleared it up on my message board... but anyways, if you thought last chapter was the end, I'm sorry! If I made you heartbroken or made you cry, super sorry 🙈

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