33. New Engagement!?

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Chapter dedicated to shootingstarangel2 ... you'll see why at the end of the chapter 💛

33. New Engagement!?

"Princess! Princess, wake up!" Er Xi called out frantically, tears steaming down her face.

Her cries snapped everyone out of their shock as they quickly crowded over the princess that was currently on the ground.

Even Qing Xiaolin had stopped her crying and stared at the princess. She had expected for the princess to yell or try to explain or do something, but she had fainted.

Nangong Longwei placed her down and rushed up to the princess, but he was too late. Natsu Sin was holding her fainted body in his arms with a icy look on his face directed at Qing Xiaolin.

"A mere peasant dares to cause trouble for a princess? I think the only thing that needs to be done is execution."

Qing Xiaolin widened her doe eyes in shock and more tears clouded her sight. "Please, no! Nubi is begging your highness!"

A servant at the back whispered in annoyance, "She's probably just faking."

Er Xi wiped away her tears and stood up. She walked in the direction of the servant and punched as hard as she could with her small fist.

Everyone gasped at how violent Er Xi was being, but they didn't stop her.

With a resentful glare, Er Xi wiped away the blood on her knuckles and said, "She is your mistress and you will respect her. Shame on you for being so rude to her. Her highness has the purest heart this servant has ever seen... Her highness doesn't do anything wrong unless necessary." She averted her glare to Qing Xiaolin, "I believe her highness should deal with you when she wakes up, so until then, you're to be punished with chores."

Er Xi noticed the hesitation from Qing Xiaolin and added, "My words are my mistress' words. If you wish to be more atrocious, please, go ahead. Just know, the more you act, the more severe your punishment will be."

Qing Xiaolin bowed her head and followed the servant that had punched early, now the servants eyes no longer showing arrogance but fear. Everyone slowly started to leave once realizing that Yu Zhenzhen was breathing and that she had just fainted.

The reason she fainted? Nobody knew.

Meanwhile, Yu Zhenzhen was still in Natsu Sin's arms, smuggled protectively.

Nangong Longwei turned his phoenix eyes in his direction and nodded at Natsu Sin, "Prince Natsu, I believe it is time for your lordship to take back our princess."

Natsu Sin laughed dryly, "Duke Nangong, I believe you should go wagging your tail at the immoral servant."

Nangong Longwei's face turned full of rage, "Are you calling me a dog?"

Natsu Sin tilted his head in mock confusion, "Hmm... Am I? Aren't you the one who doesn't know that Zhen Zhen isn't the type of person to behave so? Sure, she used to, but after her amnesia, she had been transformed into a completely different person. A benevolent princess capable of care. A kind princess capable of being a good queen..."

Regret pooled in Nangong Longwei's chest as his eyes filled with panic and anger. "Prince Natsu, do you plan on marrying the first princess? There is no way that his highness the emperor will agree!"

Natsu Sin smiled at Nangong Longwei like he was smiling at a fool. "Duke Nangong, I've already gotten permission..."


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