15. Another Rotten Egg!?

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15. Another Rotten Egg!?

"What!?" Emperor Yu exclaimed in shock. His simple daughter using such a way to get what she wants? Very scary yet effective.

But he couldn't just take back his words, and besides, she will most likely only do it for less than a day.

She will allow fatigue to overwhelm her, and she will come to her senses.

Everyone, including emperor Yu, turned their attention to the duke to see how he was grasping the situation. To their disappointment, he was handling such an embarrassment really well, not letting it affect anything.

His face was still cold and expressionless, yet if one looked closer, they'd see his eyes burning with disbelief and his fists clenched at his sides.


"Princess, please let's go. This joke has gone on too far. It has been an entire day and you are still kneeling." Er Xi whispered worriedly.

"Humph! I've come this far, I are not going to give up until imperial father grants my wish." In reality, Yu Zhenzhen had long lost the feel in her legs since she had been kneeling for so long. She cursed all those historical dramas that made it seem so easy.

In reality, it was quite hard. You had to be still and kowtow every once in a while. And boring. There was nothing to do other than admire the floor or peek at the sky.

But that heartless emperor! Who cares that you'll be taking back your word? Your favorite daughter was suffering and you were being leisure about it, ignoring it.

The emperor sneezed randomly.

Stupid emperor.

He sneezed again.

Heartless emperor!

He sneezed again and got a worried look from the empress. "Do you have a cold? Shall I summon the imperial physician?"

The emperor shook his head, "Someone is most likely talking about me."

"Who would dare-" the empress stopped. There was one person suffering right now because of the emperor and it was her very own daughter.

She waved it off, "Zhen Zhen loves you. She wouldn't."

Emperor Yu sighed, "I am the cause of her suffering. Maybe I should just give in and cancel. After all, she had been kneeling for so long... I'm just afraid that Nangong Longwei will use this chance to rebel. The bastard had always been eyeing the throne thinking I don't notice."

Empress Yu sighed, "My poor baby has been too spoiled." She wiped away a single stray tear thinking about how her daughter hadn't eaten anything and had been kneeling for so long.

Meanwhile Yu Zhenzhen turned her head and suddenly saw an egg appear in front of her. It looked perfectly normal, yet Yu Zhenzhen had long lost the trust she held for eggs ever since that faithful day.

"What's this?" She asked herself weakly. Even though she ate lots of food before, her stomach was now grumbling loudly for the world to hear.

Might it be... another rotten egg that will transport her back? She eagerly cracked the egg open and ate it raw. As expected the disgusting flavor hit her taste buds and she suddenly felt faint.

She heard Er Xi call out to her, but then everything went blurry causing her to faint.


"Mimi! Mimi my daughter, are you there?" Zheng Mimi groaned as she slowly opened her heavy eyelids.

She saw her parents along with a few other friends giving her looks of worry.

"Mom..." Zheng Mimi's voice unintentionally cracked. "Where am I?" She asked weakly.

"You're in the hospital! Goodness gracious, you fainted in the kitchen and have been in a coma ever since. What happened?"

Suddenly, an abundance of memories hurled at Zheng Mimi's head causing her a headache.

She remembered eating an egg that turned out to be rotten then being transmigrated into the body of Yu Zhenzhen. And her last memory consisted of kneeling and an egg appearing. She ate the egg and it turned out it was rotten. And then she woke up here.

She furrowed her eyebrows. Was it all a dream? It seemed so real though. No matter. She was done with that hellhole.

"I-I don't remember." Zheng Mimi lied. "I just suddenly felt faint and then closed my eyes."

She couldn't exactly tell them that she fainted and got transmigrated into the body of the evil second female lead.

Even thinking it, the idea seemed absurd. But luckily, she didn't have to worry much longer as she was back to her original body.

Her goal was to never eat another egg ever again, no matter if it was rotten or not.


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