49. The Original Yu Zhenzhen's Jealous Meddling (II)

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49. The Original Yu Zhenzhen's Jealous Meddling (II)

When Nangong Longwei left the tent, Yu Zhenzhen stood trying to process the whole ordeal. She couldn't believe that such a life-like dream couldn't be reality. Could it be something else?

"Yu Zhenzhen! Yu Zhenzhen, please appear! I need to talk to you..." she called out, hoping OYZZ could show up. To her delight, the elusive ghost had appeared with a frown on her face and another emotion Yu Zhenzhen couldn't decipher.

"What?" She barked, fury contorting her expression. Yu Zhenzhen raised her hands in surrender, confusion mixed with fear displayed in her eyes. She didn't understand why the vengeful ghost was angry... was it because Yu Zhenzhen hadn't done the two conditions? The condition against Nangong Longwei, she had done somewhat as both of them had been separated and heartbroken for three years. The one against Qing Xiaolin, she couldn't do. As a modern woman, she couldn't stain her hands with blood no matter how much OYZZ pressures her to. Even if she was the so-called princess and Qing Xiaolin was a peasant, killing a life was not Zheng Mimi's forte.

"I just wanted to ask you if you know where such a horrifying nightmare came from..." Yu Zhenzhen asked innocently. OYZZ rolled her eyes and admitted, "It was my doing."

Yu Zhenzhen's eyes widened in shock as she stared at the spirit in horror. "But why!? How could you fool me like that? Do you have any idea what that realistic dream made me feel like? I was ready to die... in fact, I stabbed myself in the heart! I hate what you did! It was utterly awful! As for Qing Xiaolin, I can't do what you asked me... I ask that you do it yourself!"

Her loud voice startled OYZZ but the anger in her expression remained. OYZZ calmed raised her hand like an arrogant queen and waved off Yu Zhenzhen's distress. "Zheng Mimi, you disgust me. I only showed you what would happen if you decided to be with that bastard! He is a deceitful jerk who only cares for himself without shame! I will not allow you to be with in my name... As for that stupid girl who pretends to a delicate, white lotus..." OYZZ paused and scowled, "I can't kill her! Only an outsider can kill her or else the damn curse will continue on for eternity! That's why I need you, otherwise, you're useless!"

OYZZ's face was red with anger at the end of her outburst and pointed accusingly at Yu Zhenzhen with narrowed eyes. Yu Zhenzhen, no, Zheng Mimi was startled. What curse was OYZZ talking about? As Yu Zhenzhen eyed OYZZ again, she noticed an emotion she hadn't noticed before-jealousy.

But jealous of what?

As Zheng Mimi recalled the original book and plot, it had stated that Yu Zhenzhen was madly in love with Nangong Longwei no matter how badly he treated her. Even when he directly rejected her, she was still caught up in her puppy love. Was she still in love with Nangong Longwei after so much had happened?


But staring in the eyes of OYZZ, it was actually a possibility. A huge possibility.

To Zheng Mimi, this wasn't love, but obsession. She turned around and asked OYZZ, "You... you're still in love with Nangong Longwei, aren't you." It wasn't a question, it was a fact. OYZZ's cheeks turned paler, like she was blushing except she didn't have any blood in her body. So technically, she wasn't blushing but yet blushing in a ghastly type of way?

"N-No way!" She stuttered, avoiding Yu Zhenzhen's eyes. Yu Zhenzhen rolled her eyes, trying to calm her rapidly-beating heart. This clearly was something she had not expected... never in a millennium did she think OYZZ was still in love with Nangong Longwei.

Like girly, didn't you curse him like a sailor at your death point?

Nonetheless, she shook her head in disbelief mumbling, "Why?"

OYZZ shook her head fervently, her eyes wide. "I don't like him! I really don't!"

Yu Zhenzhen squinted her eyes in disbelief. She sighed and repeated weakly, "Why?"

OYZZ noticed pity in Yu Zhenzhen's face and she snapped angrily, "Because in any situation, he's never mine! I like him-no, I love him! All these lifetimes, all these years, I have never seen him look at me once the way he looks at Qing Xiaolin! Now, he's giving you the same love with my looks! Do you understand my frustration!?"

Yu Zhenzhen quivered in a bit of fear, asking, "Why didn't you change your personality? Why were you so vicious in every lifetime? You were bringing the cycle of death upon yourself..."

"Because of the damn curse! The stupid white lotus has us all wrapped around her finger, a puppet master stronger than any adversary! Please, I cannot say anymore or else I will lose more willpower! And the more I lose willpower, the more I fade..."

"What happens when you fade?" Before OYZZ could answer Yu Zhenzhen, a soft, yet malicious voice answered, "Haha, she'll ceased to exist for all of eternity..."

Both ghost and person turned to the source of the voice and blurted, "Qing Xiaolin!"


Who's ready for the next chapter? Also, this isn't the original version, Wattpad deleted majority of chapter 49, so I rewrote it all >.<

Anyways, here's a little preview:

"Let me ask you... Have you ever felt despair? Despair like you're worth nothing... like reality is closing in, suffocating you? Felt abandoned like a used tissue? Felt fear crawling inside your heart? That was basically a simplified, wonderful version of what you would describe my life..."

Hmm... who do you think said this quote and why? Any theories?

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