2. In the Body of the Evil Princess? Damn it that Stupid Egg!

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2. In the Body of the Evil Princess? Damn it that Stupid Egg!

"Your Highness, do you remember anything? Do you know who we are?" The old man in front of Zheng Mimi asked her. Currently, she was crowded by a lot of people whom she didn't recognize, all giving her looks of worry.

"I truly don't know how I even got here? What's with you calling me 'your highness'?" These people were insane. Sure, every girl dreamed of being royalty, but it was only a dream.

In reality, it was quite frightening.

The old man fanned himself and muttered incoherent words. He turned back to a woman who looked to be in her thirties and a man in his early forties, bowing apologetically, "Your Highness, this physician deems the case of the princess to be amnesia. It may take a while, but her memories will be back." Zheng Mimi snorted mentally. How could memories come back when they don't even exist in the first place?

The man nodded and waved the physician away, along with the maids and everyone else except for him, the woman, and a teenage boy. "Zhen Zhen, do you not recognize anyone? Do you not recognize your imperial father and mother?" The man asked dejectedly.

Zheng Mimi shook her head, "I am sorry. I don't know who anyone is. What is my name?" The woman leaned forward and hugged her carefully, "Zhen Zhen, it is me, your mother. My heart hurts knowing you don't know who I am..." Zheng Mimi took the opportunity to completely scan the trio in front of her, and she was shocked.

They were gorgeous! Supermodels-do-no-justice type of gorgeous. By their clothes, she was sure this wasn't an era where plastic surgery was available, so their attractive appearances are all natural. "Little sister," the teenage boy said, his eyes full of emotion.

The man that had dismissed everyone earlier was wearing a yellow robe that had majestic symbols of dragons, so Zheng Mimi assumed he was some sort of an emperor. "Your name is Yu Zhenzhen, and you are the first princess of the Yu Empire." The man said making Zheng Mimi choke.

She began rapidly coughing and gave him a dubious look, "W-Who?" They all gave her a concerned look and the woman repeated, "You are Yu Zhenzhen-"

She didn't have the opportunity to finish her sentence as Zheng Mimi fainted.


Fifteen minutes later, Zheng Mimi woke up expecting to be in her bed at home, but she found herself in a super-comfortable bed. She looked around and gasped. The decorations of the room would make her stingy father collapse from anger. All around, one could see everything was either made from precious metal or expensive silk. The amount of money spent made Zheng Mimi almost dizzy.

Though extravagant, it was kind of tacky.

"Princess! You're awake! Please don't scare everyone again by fainting." The girl with the cute buns from earlier cried.

"Hmm... What is your name?" The girl bowed, "Nubi's name is Er Xi. Nubi has been serving princess since princess was five years of age."

"How old am I?" Er Xi gave Zheng Mimi a happy look, "Princess is fifteen, but princess will be sixteen in a week. Their Royal Highnesses will be hosting a big banquet in princess' honor."

Zheng Mimi started fanning herself and pondering. In the book, it was at Yu Zhenzhen's sixteenth birthday where her father announced her engagement with Nangong Longwei, and she officially met him for the first time in the book. Noticing her lovestruck look, Nangong Longwei was disgusted and his hatred began to form.

She snapped her fingers and grinned when an idea started to circulate in her mind. Since Nangong Longwei started his hatred when he met Yu Zhenzhen, then all Zheng Mimi had to do was ignore him.

Ignore him like he wasn't even worth dirt.

Maybe that could prevent Yu Zhenzhen's death that was going to happen in a year or so while she was only seventeen. Quite tragic, but Zheng Mimi, while reading the book, had personally agreed since the teenage princess was really too vicious. The plans she came up with caused Zheng Mimi to shiver for Qing Xiaolin.

Sure the girl stole your fiancé, but that didn't mean you had to go all psychopath on everyone.

Er Xi gave her a distressed look, "Princess, should nubi summon the physician again?" The princess had been behaving completely weird ever since she woke up. Usually, the princess would be yelling and demanding ridiculous things, but today, the princess was looking calm and dare Er Xi to think... kind?

"Nah, I'm okay. Er Xi, stop degrading yourself whenever you're with me. After all, you're a human being just like me." Er Xi almost foamed at the mouth when she heard what was coming out of the princess' mouth.

She coughed violently and her pale face turned red. "Princess? How could nubi even dare to place herself on the same platform as princess' precious self? May nubi's tongue be caught off if nubi ever did commit such an atrocious act."

Zheng Mimi rolled her eyes at Er Xi's dramatic behavior. She, a modern woman, obviously didn't believe in the useless and nauseating idea of servants and slaves. But the innocent girl in front of her was scared stiff at the thought of saying the word 'I' instead of 'this servant'.

Zheng Mimi sighed, "Er Xi, I really want us to be friends. Friends don't refer to themselves as servants." Once again, Er Xi was shocked frozen. In the ten years that she had been serving the princess, never had the princess uttered such words. Usually, she would be screaming or acting spoiled, flaunting her status as the first princess.

But the princess now... is she possessed?

Er Xi shook her head continuously, "No princess. Nubi doesn't dare befriend royalty like the princess."

"Er Xi! Fine, at least when no one else is around." Er Xi hesitated, but when she saw the earnest look in the princess' gaze, she subconsciously nodded. The princess smiled brilliantly leaving Er Xi awestruck. Never had the princess smiled like so. Her usual smiles consisted of malice and arrogance.

But the look the princess was sprouting now...

Er Xi had a feeling the princess was changing... and in a good way.


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