11. Growing Feelings

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11. Growing Feelings

"So where do you want to go first?" Yu Zhenzhen raised a slender wrist and pointed in the direction of a little stall with all types of foods.

Natsu Sin stared at her bracelet and asked, "Where did you get the bracelet from?"

Yu Zhenzhen grinned, "That's a secret! Anyways, let's eat some Dragon Beard Candy! I heard it's super yummy, but I'm not allowed to have it in the palace since it's too sweet..."

Natsu Sin and Yu Zhenzhen walked over and asked for Dragon Beard Candy with crushed peanuts filling. Yu Zhenzhen moaned in happiness as the sweet candy taste hit her taste buds.

Despite what Yu Zhenzhen told Natsu Sin about not having eaten it before, she had eaten it once out of curiosity in the modern world and had loved it so much!

But whenever she asked the kitchen staff to prepare it for her, they would always scold her for wanting to eat such a sweet delicacy.

But since the heavens have granted her this chance of escape, Yu Zhenzhen was not going to waste it!

"Ah! Such a beautiful couple..." the stall keeper smiled as he handed them an extra candy just for being pleasing to the eye.

But of course Natsu Sin handed him ten silver coins and thanked him, no matter Yu Zhenzhen's protesting of wanting to pay for her own things.

"I can pay for myself! I am an independent woman!" She said annoyed after they visited shop after shop and he insisted on paying for her.

"Independent woman? Do you want to go back to the palace and find out what being an independent woman means?" Natsu Sin scoffed.

Yu Zhenzhen sighed as she understood the meaning behind his words. Indeed, how could one be independent in this era were women were viewed as objects of possession? Gender equality was something she was used to as a modern woman, so she quickly had to find a rotten egg.

"Do you see any rotten eggs anywhere?" Yu Zhenzhen said as she changed the subject.

"What do you need a rotten egg for?" Natsu Sin asked in confusion.

"Haha there's a facial mask that requires rotten eggs and I need it immediately to make my skin more youthful!"

"What part of your skin isn't smooth and pretty? And why haven't I heard of this facial mask?"

Yu Zhenzhen narrowed her eyes at him trying to be imitating, yet she only looked like a kitten that was bearing its claws adorably.

Woah! Where did that come from? Natsu Sin mentally asked himself as the word adorable rung in his head.

"You! Are you a woman? Do you know the struggles a woman goes through? How a woman has to bleed out of the most uncomfortable place every month as mother nature inflicts the worst pain? How women have to be-"

"Enough! Sorry I asked! Besides, aren't you supposed to be docile and virtuous?"

Yu Zhenzhen paled as she suddenly remembered that she had let too much of Zheng Mimi be released. "Sorry... I just don't like those who don't understand what us women have to go through..." Her tone was submissive and it caused a pain to spread in Natsu Sin's heart.

He shook his head, "No, it's my fault for being so insensitive. Here is my gift of apology." He revealed a small, golden chrysanthemum that contained a book to add to her charm bracelet.

"How did you know I need trinkets for my bracelet?"

"Despite the jade being rare, the type of bracelet is common in almost all countries. Here is the first trinket to add to your collection... I promise to get you more, for now, here is one to remember our rebellious adventure." He gently held her wrist with the bracelet and clasped the tiny, golden flower onto the jade bracelet.

Yu Zhenzhen smiled at him in appreciation as she stared at the pretty charm.

"And since there seems to be shortage of rotten eggs for some reason, I'll find you a few later."

"Thank you! Please, as many as possible!" Yu Zhenzhen bowed.

Before Natsu Sin could reply, an arrow whooshed in between the twin and startled both.

"Did you enjoy your little rendezvous?" A chilling voice asked in pure anger.

Yu Zhenzhen turned around and gasped. How did he find and recognize her!?


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Has anybody tried it before? I personally wish I could taste it, especially with crushed chocolate inside of it 😋

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