19. Becoming the Princess Again!?

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19. Becoming the Princess Again!?

"Princess! Princess are you there?" Yu Zhenzhen heard a voice calling out frantically as her head throbbed in pain.

Yu Zhenzhen groaned in pain and whispered, "Water..." Her mouth was very dry for some unknown reason. She felt someone slowly feeding her water and her parched throat finally felt somewhat hydrated.

She blinked and found herself staring at a bunch of people watching her expectantly. After her hazy vision cleared a bit, she recognized the people in front of her.

"Zhen Zhen, you're finally awake!" Yu Lijie said with unshed tears in his eyes.

"Yes, our precious Zhen Zhen has finally opened her eyes after two long months." Emperor Yu added joyfully.

"I..." Yu Zhenzhen was speechless. She didn't know whether to scream or cry now that she was back inside this fantasy world. Even though she specifically told the original Yu Zhenzhen that she wanted no part in her revenge, she was still transmigrated!

Yu Zhenzhen felt cheated but she realized she can't exact refute a
princess and a dead one at that.

"Zhen Zhen!" Empress Yu sobbed as she held her daughter in her arms. "Never do that to us again..."

Yu Zhenzhen sighed and came to a conclusion. The original Yu Zhenzhen was not going to leave her alone until she got revenge for her. So why not do what she wants and get it over with? That way, no other egg will cause her to be transported to this wacky place and she could end up with a gorgeous face as a bonus. The gears inside of Yu Zhenzhen's brain started shifted as a plan formed inside her mind.

The original Yu Zhenzhen said that Nangong Longwei was bordering love for her, especially after being in a coma for two months. Yu Zhenzhen just had to make him more jealous and the moment he confesses his feelings, she'll accept only with the condition of Qing Xiaolin dying. Then when that half of the revenge is complete, Yu Zhenzhen will reject Nangong Longwei and completely finish the intended revenge.

Yu Zhenzhen smiled as her head finally cleared up a bit. Currently, that was the best plan at the moment...

Might get altered later, but now, that was the only thing her brain could think of. But that didn't mean she was going to give up looking for a rotten egg here in this world... she still had to check in with her family members in the modern world.

"What about..." Yu Zhenzhen's voice cracked as she gave everyone a vulnerable look.

They immediately understood and emperor Yu gave her a gentle look. "Don't worry my dear. Your engagement is broken and I will allow you to marry anyone you wish just as long as you don't do that again..."

"But isn't it my duty as a princess to marry whomever father emperor has chosen?" Yu Zhenzhen wanted to confirm that the old man really wasn't going to hassle her plans of seducing then dumping Nangong Longwei.

"It is normally what a princess is meant to do," Emperor Yu paused. "But I don't wish for you to go on a hunger strike and protest by kneeling again. Once is enough for this father's heart."

"I am sorry..." Yu Zhenzhen whispered and averted her gaze. She didn't know how to treat the people in front of her. They truly cared for their daughter and she was only a phony.

"It's fine!" Yu Lijie said with a grin. "As long as you're okay."

Yu Zhenzhen was about to reply until an audible grumbling interrupted as the princess gave a sheepish smile. "Sorry about that."

The trio laughed as the empress helped her up. "It's fine. After all, Xiao Zhen Zhen has been asleep for two months... It's normal to be hungry."

"Our Zhen Zhen isn't allowed to sleep for a while." The emperor joked.

"For now, I need to bathe before I eat." Yu Zhenzhen said as everyone bid her adieu except for Er Xi.

"Princess!" The maid cried as she grabbed the princess in a hug. "Nubi has missed you so much!"

Yu Zhenzhen patted the shorter maid's head and scolded, "Er Xi, didn't I tell you not to degrade yourself whenever you're with me?"

Er Xi looked up and smiled with puffy eyes, "I forgot. I guess I got too excited."

"Hmm... Anything happen while I was... asleep?"

Er Xi hesitated and looked away. Yu Zhenzhen lifted her chin and asked her maid, "Er Xi, you're a good friend of mine. Please don't lie to me."

"Princess..." Er Xi gulped. "His highness the duke had been visiting your room every night."

Yu Zhenzhen widened her eyes and yelped. She checked her body to see if there were any hickeys and wiggled her hips to sense any pain. She gave Er Xi a panicked look, "Don't tell me that he..."

Er Xi caught on and immediately shook her head, "Of course not, princess! He only held you tightly in his arms and whispered incoherent words. Princess, I have never seen the infamous cold lord be so gentle with someone... I'm sure you've stolen his heart!"

Yu Zhenzhen gasped at the confession. Truly she, even as a modern person, didn't know how to deal with this situation. Nangong Longwei was supposed to be an extremely cold person that regarded everything and everyone as a nuisance, especially the original Yu Zhenzhen. "That's not right-"

Before she could finish her words, a dark figure swooped into the room startling both young women.


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