25. Friends?

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25. Friends?

Nangong Longwei looked between the two women who seemed to have been lost in their thoughts and cleared his throat.

They snapped into attention and smiled meekly, but for some reason, Yu Zhenzhen's smile made his heart flutter.

"Qing Xiaolin," He said coldly. "What are you doing here?"

Qing Xiaolin gave him an angelic smile and bowed her head, "This lady is here to be your servant. Please allow me to repay you for your help a while ago. I apologize for taking so long to get here."

Yu Zhenzhen almost choked. Didn't the novel say that Nangong Longwei brings her back with him? Then what's with her claiming it took a while for her to arrive?

Yu Zhenzhen decided to play dumb and ask, "Your help? Duke Nangong, what did you do?"

"His lordship saved me from a few rogues! I am truly grateful." Qing Xiaolin added hurriedly with excitement gleaming in her eyes.

Although that excitement dimmed a bit when she realized the infamous duke wasn't even looking at her. His gaze seemed to have been infatuated with the beauty besides him.

Qing Xiaolin didn't understand why she felt such envy in her chest. Though she knew she wasn't as attractive as the girl in front of her, that didn't mean she could simply be jealous.

"Hmm," the mysterious girl said teasingly. "Duke Nangong is so heroic for saving a young maiden... Next thing you know, you two will fall in love and mar-" Nangong Longwei placed a hand on her lips causing her voice to be muffled.

Finally, a few seconds after, he removed his hand. "What are you doing?" Yu Zhenzhen fumed at him with anger.

"I didn't want you to finish that sentence because you know who your lordship will marry." He replied brazenly.

Yu Zhenzhen's face turned pale; she turned around and walked off. Nangong Longwei sighed and turned his attention back to Qing Xiaolin. "Young lady, a simple thank you can suffice without all this extra work. Do you truly want to work here?"

Qing Xiaolin nodded with a brilliant smile, "Yes! That way, I can repay my debt in some way." She had watched their interaction and didn't know what to feel. It seemed like the heartless duke already had a lady he was madly in love with.

It seemed like she, Qing Xiaolin, should give up as it was only appropriate to wish them happiness.

No. She had suffered enough. She finally found something she liked, someone that could bring a smile to her face. Why should she give him up? She was going to make him fall for her despite all the obstacles. Besides, it seemed like the unknown lady wasn't interested in him, so she would be doing her a favor by pulling the duke's attention towards her.

For now, she needed to befriend the girl and get close to her. Who knew what information she might get out of her... Hopefully something she could use against her.


"Lady, please allow me to serve you." Qing Xiaolin said as she bowed in front of Yu Zhenzhen.

The princess gave her an exhaustive look, "Young miss, I have to decline your offer since I'm not staying here. This night is temporary because the duke has helped me as well."

Qing Xiaolin's watery eyes narrowed, "He helped you as well?" Her eyes subconsciously turned to the place Yu Zhenzhen was stabbed and shuddered.

Yu Zhenzhen noticed her gaze on her gauze and laughed, "This is a long story. But yes, it's thanks to him that I am able to walk freely. But this is only for tonight, hence I advise you to work elsewhere."

Yu Zhenzhen knew the original Yu Zhenzhen absolutely despised Qing Xiaolin and was extremely bloodthirsty about it. However, that didn't mean that she was going to bully the girl like the previous life. She was going to treat her like a human being because from what she saw so far, the girl was a decent girl with fair eyes. Her attitude didn't seem off and she behaved just.

Her heart ached at one of the conditions for going back home. She had to kill Qing Xiaolin! A human being! As a modern woman, being a murderer made her shudder in disgust and fear. The sin and heavy price of the ordeal was too much!

Yet the original Yu Zhenzhen wanted it from her. She frowned since she didn't want anything to do with this silly revenge yet here she was, accepting it so she could go back home.

"Please allow me to be your friend then," Qing Xiaolin blurted out in desperation.

Yu Zhenzhen stilled. This was not in the novel. Code red, I repeat, CODE RED.

Qing Xiaolin hurriedly explained her words, "Ever since seeing you, I have felt a strange connection in my heart. I don't know how to describe it, but it's there. And I wish to befriend you to find out what this weird, nagging feeling in my heart it."

Yu Zhenzhen smiled, "I am not going to be here often,"

"It's fine! Whenever you visit, we can have a chat with tea."

Well, sucks for you since I'm never coming back to this stupid place.

Instead of voicing out her thoughts, Yu Zhenzhen only nodded and mumbled an agreement about visiting and chatting with Qing Xiaolin more often. Who knew her agreement was actually more truthful than she thought!?


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