32. The Female Lead Halo is Strong!

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32. The Female Lead Halo is Strong!

"Xiaolin," Yu Zhenzhen paused cautiously. "Have you ever read The Overwhelming Lord's Sweet Consort?"

Qing Xiaolin didn't even flinch nor show any emotion other than confusion, "What's that? Is it a novel?"

Yu Zhenzhen bit her bottom lip, "Yes, it's a book."

Qing Xiaolin shook her head, "Unfortunately, this servant is illiterate."

Yu Zhenzhen's thumping heart calmed down. Looks like OYZZ was wrong when she said that Qing Xiaolin was from the same world as her. The girl in front of her looked as clueless as a monkey.

And she was illiterate which meant she couldn't read at all! So how could she have read the web novel in the modern world.

But there's a possibility that she's lying.

It seemed like an unlikely situation since it was impossible for anyone to act like she did. Her natural reaction didn't seem fake and she didn't hesitate nor anything, so it's definitely not lying.

"Princess, is there a reason you're questioning this servant?" Qing Xiaolin's question snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Nope. Just curious. I have to go now."

Yu Zhenzhen turned around and walked in the direction of Er Xi, missing the narrowing of Qing Xiaolin's eyes.


"Er Xi, hand me the chopstick." Yu Zhenzhen said without looking up from what she was making. Since they were in the middle of nowhere and the only ingredients were vegetables and such, she had decided to make spring rolls. She couldn't fry them since there was no oil, so she decided to grill them.

As she tasted one, she smiled. Though grilling spring rolls was an odd choice and no one had done it before, it was surprisingly delicious.

"Princess, your food smells absolutely divine! Nubi can only wish to learn to cook this well one day in nubi's life." Er Xi said with a polite smile on her face.

Yu Zhenzhen rolled her eyes, "Er Xi, are you really going to this cold? I am sorry, I shouldn't have spoken to you that way." Or OYZZ shouldn't have treated you that way. I am an innocent potato... or an innocent egg, I should say.

Er Xi averted her gaze and kept her head bowed, keeping silent.

"Please Er Xi! Talk to me like you usually do... You're practically my best friend." Yu Zhenzhen begged.

Er Xi frowned and was about to open her mouth but Qing Xiaolin suddenly appeared and interrupted, "Princess! Do you think it's okay for your precious hands to do any chores? Er Xi, how could you allow the princess to cook anything?" Qing Xiaolin's scoldings didn't allow Er Xi a chance to explain. Knowing how bad the situation looked since Yu Zhenzhen was the mistress doing a chore and she, a servant, was allowing it, Er Xi ran out with tears.

Yu Zhenzhen yelled, "Er Xi, wait!" She got up to run after her friend but was stopped by Qing Xiaolin, "Princess, I think it's wiser for you to go freshen up, I'll take over from here. Er Xi needs to learn to do her job properly..."

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