47. Don't hate me

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I turn my eyes once again on rose. Seeing her as a completely new person. Seeing her with so much respect.

She was struggling to breath. She is in pain she was in pain and she will be forever in pain because of me. Every word every incident her face her pleadings her truths her cries my accusations were ringing in my ears

I knew she loved Chris

I pleaded her to fake our relationship

My rose is so innocent that she would not let any man touch her.

She used to flinch from their touch.

It hurts to imagine how you would have tortured her

That means she was never cheating any of them. She used to always say the truth. Her tears were always real.

Her each truth was tearing me apart. Her innocence were taunting me. I was breaking piece by piece.

Please dont hurt me.

Please let me go

you think of me as a slut. Fine I dont give a damn if you or the whole campus thinks of me so low because I know the truth

im not a bitch..im not a slut...you all are...you all are crazy im not a slut im not a slut my name is rose....for god sake my name is rose

how much her heart would have bleed hearing everyone calling her a slut.

stop calling me names alex. It hurts okay

That dress you gave me was way too revealing and out of my  comfort zone

it doesnt give you the right to ruin my first kiss.

I was her first kiss. It was me.

You can kill me if you want. Just do whatever you want to do with me. Torture me. Hit me. Kill me. Please

It scares me every second to stay here with you but i will but I'll definitely not accept that you take my virginity against my permission. I'll seriously kill myself.

she actually killed herself because i took her virginity. I'll never forgive myself for this.

why do you hate me so much? Just because i slapped you? But i apologized for it. This was all who'll break first. I did. Now please let me go

Are you not done taking your revenge yet? I keep asking myself when this will be over. So please you tell me when i will be free so that i dont have to worry every second what silly mistake of mine might upset you

and that you control my life. I know I'm your puppet. But this time alex please. This is not a joke

Please i want to meet my dad otherwise I'll go mad

Trust me alex please you have to trust me. I'm not sleeping with him.

You'll never believe what i say to you. You never believe me when i say to you no man has ever touch me before. Infact no man has even kiss me except you. You'll never believe I'm not what you think of me. It hurts like hell weneva you keep calling me a slut and treat me like one.

I believe you now rose. I'm so so sorry.

Im ready to trade my body with you

really bitch? It doesn't suit you lecturing me about love when you yourself is loving someone and fuckin someone else

my words which were filled with venom for her. i should have rip my tongue apart before saying those things.

god for once just shut ur mouth. How much do you talk when that pretty mouth of yours can do much better things

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