36. I won't let you die

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The next morning i woke up at 9 and checked my cellphone. The first thing i do when im still half asleep is checking my phone. Who doesn't? I opened the note where I've saved the to do list sent by college to us. It's our day 2nd here. 

The first day was for our own to explore and enjoy and what we did was teased Chris a bit, Natalie almost stabbed me to death, Alex and me had our first willing kiss and something changed between us and also between me and Chris too. Yes we definitely enjoyed. Note the sarcasm

I mean seriously this is bullshit. In real no college plans a three day stay at an island for their students. It just has college tag to fool Chris and me but it is all done by Alex ofcose.

I gasp in horror as i see jet ski written on it along with paragliding. No way I'm dead today. Officially dead. Jet ski. Water phobia. Not good. 

If i dont go out i wont have to do this. Coz knowing Alex he'll definitely enjoy seeing me terrified. I closed my eyes and just went to sleep again.

 A loud knock woke me up from my reverie and the voice was Alex. Shit he cant let me live at peace in dreams too. Me mom dad Jacob and his family was on an island which was exactly where i was and we were havin so fun. God i miss them a lot. And i miss that time.

" Rose? " it was alex banging the door loudly from the other side. Thank god we are staying in different rooms but Chris doesn't know this as we are on a different floor. 

If i won't respond he'll get tired and eventually leave. " rose are you OK? I've called for a master key OK? I'm coming in. Rose? " Alex loud voice comes from the other side. God i seriously forgot how stubborn he is and will do anything for what he wants

I need to plan something else. Maybe If i feign sickness he'll drop the plan. As soon as i heard some clicks i jump underneath my blanket as im sleeping

I sense his presence near me and my heart started beating faster. God please help me today. He settled beside me on the bed as my back was faced to him. He waits and waits but does not say anything or do anything

" i know you are awake rose. I can hear your heavy intakes of breath. Comon get up " alex says chuckling a bit. Why the hell on earth is he so perfect in everything.  " i should have guessed you'll put an act like this. I know you are an aqua phobic but trust me i wont force you for this " hearing his shocking words i quickly jumped up and snap my head to search any lie in his eyes but no he is speaking the truth. Or fooling me i dont know. What if he just throw me in the water?

But whatever he's looking too sober today. Like an actual boy his age. He was wearing blue faded jeans and a white tshirt and for the extra effect a black jacket. Not like his usual intimidating looks.

And see me. Messy hairs and all. GOd i might be lookin like a mess

Alex pov

Shes never ever looked so sexy as shes lookin now. Messy hairs, no makeup, shining eyes still sleepy and that plump lips, so natural and beautiful. 

" but you yourself jotted down the list right? So what happened now? " she asked in a low voice still not believing me. Does every girl look so beautiful in the morning is only running in my head. 

" Who said i did? I didnt do anything. Everything is done by the authorities " i said pretending but she rolled her eyes and gave me a look i know you. God shes s damn cute. " yes i did. But i didn't knew back then. I just thought to had some fun but your phobia I got to know recently" i reply gazing at her eyes which were not even looking at me but was registering my words. And her next question will be how.

" how? " I smiled to myself at the thought we both know each other so well. 

" yesterday morning. I saw the way you were looking at the water. And today by pulling this act you confirmed my suspicion " as i say she raise her eyebrows in disbelief

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