23. kidnapped

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I was even scared to stand up again but did got up and met his peircing eyes which showed no humanity. His eyes are so red of anger which suddenly made me regret what i did. But i still acted calm and took comfort in some words " what is wrong with you? How can you treat me this way? "

Totally ignoring my words he came closer and pinned me to a nearest wall. His one hand was on my mouth shutting me up and the other pinning my both wrist
" you are just not taking me seriously...right?. You think this is all a joke. Taking me so lightly is gonna make you pay rose" the way he told me my throat went dry. I tried to defend but came out with nothing.

Make you pay

Yes he's right i neva took him seriously. I try my best. Ok not my best but i try but it ends up wrong. Because what he's doing is wrong and if i keep doing what he wants things will get more worse for both if us.

I snapped from my thoughts when i feel pain in my wrist. I struggled to free my hand but it was useless but did freed my mouth biting his hand " just leave my hand right now... you have no right to be angry because im equally angry at you. Haw dare you kiss me and how dare you slapped me. Nobody in my life had even raised a voice on me and you slapped me. "

" didn't i warned you to behave and told you that you will be responsible for my actions. I kissed you coz you were insulting me. I slapped you so that you know your value in my eyes and your limits too. You are lucky that you still have your hands. I want you to be petrified of me and by the end of this night you will be i promise " he starts walking with dragging me too.  He is walking so fast nd my legs are hurting coz I'm wearing heels. Nyways he was right i promised to behave but i couldn't help wen I'm around chris.

I spot his car and concludes that we are going somewhere. But he was  on his phone typing something. Is he having phone sex. Only that couldn't wait.

I still decided to talk " But still it doesnt give you the right to ruin my first kiss. You torment me infront of everyone So what do you expect me to do? " Am i defending myself. Maybe i am. My six sense tells me to do it

" first kiss? seriously now? " he chuckles a bit

Why don't he believe me

" I'm telling you alex if you dare try to kiss me or touch me I'll not hesitate to do it again. I'm not scared of you ok. " god my hand and legs are hurting

He turns towards me and in a swift motion I'm pinned between him and his car again. God wats wrong with his guy. Can he talk normally. Like a guy and a girl should talk maintainin a proper distance.

My hands were behind my back and he grippes my jaw this time. I notice a bruise was forming where i slapped him. But what is this other cut on his forehead.
" i can assure you that I'm gonna see fear in those eyes of yours soon. You are gonna regret the moment you slapped me and will think hundred times before slapping me again. You like pissing me off. Dont you?." Well the look of his eyes can say me it bugs him that I'm not scared of him. But now I'm scared of him. Because of our closeness. The anger in his eyes. His words.

No rose

He's just manipulating you. He is trying to intimidate you. Dont get scared.

"Yes. I like it to insult you at every point i get. I like to disturb even the slightest peace you have. I want to annoy you so much that you just let me go. I want to iritate you so much that you get tired of me. Because i dont want to do this. I want to get free from you and live my life with chris " by the end of it i was yelling and had successfully freed my jaw from his hold. But he is still holding both my wrist with his one hand. Why Am i so small and helpless in front of him?

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