12. I'll do whatever you want

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" owww " I whimpered shaking my head so that his grip loosen on me. I can feel air knocking out from my lungs slowly

He can actually kill me in thirty seconds

Instantly my hands reached to his chest so that I can push him back. How can i be physically so unfit?

With a hand still around my neck he leaned closer and whispered into my hear. " I must say you amaze me....you seriously have the guts to disrespect me again.Did I not warn you that dont you dare speak to me like this again ? "

I nodded so that he loose his grip. He was almost laying on top of me. He was so close that I can smell him

god....he smells good

Fuck you rose....whats wrong with you

You are dying

Oh yes

My hands tried to pull his hands away from my neck " I really dont want to kill anyone but you are just pushing me further and I would have no choice but to kill each and every person you love and ill make sure you watch It....starting with chris itself....and then I promise no more games with you....ill leave you....DO YOU WANT THAT ? " he screamed in my face making me flinch and look away from him

I shook my head in fear

God im dying

very good.....go on....be more philosophical

" a-a-alex....l-eave me "

I struggeld so that he let go of me" Its no use struggling and you cant escape me....I'll leave you only when I want not when you want " with that he finally spared my neck

Shit that was close

I straighten myself and my clothes

" so now I'm asking for the last fuckin time are we doing this or you want everyone killed " he says so casually that he'll kill everyone.

" no please......I'll do whatever you want " i agree and he smirks. I can't believe I'm agreeing to this

" One more thing...I hope this stays between us only....not that I care but it will create unnecessary drama of killing them " he says looking at me and raising my eyes to meet his

Killing....killing....how calmly can he say it

" I know....I wont tell anyone....but please dont drag anyone whom I care for " I plead

" that depends on how you behave and if you dont then I wont "

" now will you open this door so I can go home " I want to get away from him as far as possible

" I'll drive you home and i have a small surprise for you. I hope you like it " he says simply straightnin his clothes and hair.

" no need to act so chivalrous. I can walk and keep your surprise in your pockets " I disagreed and budge the handle again.

" no....I cant risk my new property gettin hurt in any way. And no means no. Stay " he removed his phone and summoned the driver


I sighed and rested my head on the seat speaking nothing because now I'm afraid that anything I could say can set him off

" god you pissed me off baby girl....I didn't knew It would be so hard to make you agree on it " the driver arrived in less than a second and started the engine

Seriously....he was so close but he didnt do anything

I looked outside the window praying that I reached as soon as possible so that I feel safe in the warmth of my house

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