21. shall we dance

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We were sitting at the bar. Ofcose i didn't want to but i had to. As far as i listen to him i hope things go easy

" what will you have?" he said while calling a bartender with his finger

That's so rude

" Nd now please dont tell me you dont drink? " he said to me raising an eyebrow

But he's askin my opinion. That's unlike him

" i do...ill have a mojito " well i dont drink but this one because it has a lot of ice and lime in it and less alcohol and for him he orderes a whole bottle of scotch

What the hell

The drinks arrive and we started drinking. I must say he was not looking that bad. He never looks bad but the moment i realise he is a monster i lose even the slightest interest that rises.

A man with a gold heart is more sexy than a pretty face. That's just an add on. But he forget the gold heart. He dont have a heart. Blackmailing a girl. Nyways He was wearing a brown suit with a white linen shirt and a gold watch in his wrist. His personality was just screaming power

My eyes were only looking for chris and his glare was telling me he is getting pissed from that. I should seriously not piss him more and for that I should keep my eyes away from chris For a second I thought to make him jealous but just the thought of doing nice talks with Alex makes me puke

" don't you think you should not drink too much? " i ask worried. Oh no not for him. I worried for myself. It can get risky for me only if he gets drunk

" I can do whatever the fuck I- "

" yeah yeah i know " i said rolling my eyes. I should stop him but how. Maybe talk.

" isn't this place beautiful. Whoever has planned it has done it wholeheartedly. Every corner has a special touch " I say admiring the place

"It has to be. After all it has my touch in it. Every thing here is planned according to me but not with heart baby girl with my brains " I stare at him dumbfounded. A person like him can plan something so beautiful

Why do do I feel something bad...has he planned something

He takes another glass. I seriously don't want him to get drunk. Suddenly he gets up and goes somewhere. I got scared but didn't dare to ask. My eyes was just focus on him and he goes near the stage and beckons Natalie and talks with her something. I can see Natalie arguing over it but Alex whispers something in in his ear and she blushes.

My cellphone vibrates in my clutch and it seems jacob is calling me. I have to go out to talk to him now. At least I'll be away from him. I get up and was about to exit but he found me.

" where the hell are you goin? " he yells in my ear due to the loud music.

I show my phone to him and he glance at the caller id. He frowns his eyes clearly not liking him.
" I'm going to talk to him? "

" Did you ask for my permission?" He yelled again and this time i rolled my eyes. I didn't need to whisper in his ear now coz my voice automatically become louder

" Are you serious? You are not my father that i keep askin your permissions for such petty things" he narrowed his eyes in warning at my words and voice and i tried to calm myself.

" You are not talking to him. Come with me " he said in a voice that he dont want any arguments and dragged me to the bar again.

" I always answer his calls alex. Let me talk to him....please " i added the please gritting my teeth after we both settled at the same place again.

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