35. She's only mine

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" well you are rilly lucky miss rose." I jerked from the sudden voice. The doctor was bandaging my cut and alex was holding my hand all along. And i was staring at him and was lost in the beauty of his face. God wats wrong with me. I love chris and i hate alex

" Are you sure everything is ok doc? The shit was bleeding so much " i can't believe this is the same alex who plays with blood anď was so scared of me bleeding. He has been continously torturing the doc with questions since we are here. Why is he being so protective and caring?

" oh god mr. Alex yes " the doc replies frustrated " The cut was real close to her windpipe. But you are good to go now. These are your medicines and some ointments. Please take care of your movements. " the doctor continues in her bubbly voice. I hardly see such doctors who are really jolly and always happy and smiling.

" Thank you so much. I must say you are a very happy person " i shake hands with her and can't help keeping the comment to myself.

" Thx. Well i have another lousy patient waiting for me who is really going to awake all the patients of mine if i don't operate her the next second. Today we are facing a shortage of doctors you know. Have a good day. Get well soon " I really love such people who keeps on talking but i guess alex doesn't.

Alex gave her a weird look and i giggle a bit seeing him. We hear someone coming in as we were about to leave from the exit and it was none other than natalie and chris. Alex glare towards natalie was a proof he is still angry at her and if got a chance will kill her now.

I know what i did today for Natalie was too much. But there's a secret i would like to share and that is lately I've been seeing too many other sides of alex which are good and dare i say but i kike it. I don't want him to go on the bad side again. I just want him to turn good i dont know why

Maybe if that happens even i will get rid of his torture

" i swear I'm gonna kill this bitch as soon as I'm seeing her next. She pushed me chris and see i loss so much blood. I think I'm gonna die baby. Please hold me."
Chris was walking in with natalie in his arms bridal style. So she is the lousy patient. God this girl. Before they both had the chance to see us and alex get his  chance to mess the situation i drag him out from there. 

As we were in the corridor we heard some crying and hustling at the waiting area. Instantly my legs started its way towards them.

A small 10 year old baby was lying on a stretcher bleeding from every damn corner. A lady i guess his mother was on his side crying and arguing with a nurse

" We can't help you mam. An accident has happened and this is a police case. We have to wait until police arrives. This is our rules " the nurse says to a middle aged lady standing there

" but its been more than half hour. Please i beg you help my son. This is the only hospital available here. " the lady seems very poor and was worn out from crying. She was about to faint.

" just sit there and wait silently otherwise we'll kick you out. You've worn my brains out " the nurse replied very rudely and also pushed the lady and i can't help but interfere.

" excuse me? How dare you talk so rudely to someone so elder. Do you talk with your own mom like this too? Do hell with your rules. " i give an intimidating look to nurse but fails miserably. She eye me from top to toe clearly thinking who the hell is she to order me

" You just mind your own business. I'm just doing my job. " she spat me on my face and i had no more words to stop her. What can i say more if its their stupid hospital rules which are more important than someone's life.

" Your job is to help the needy. Are you so blind to see that he can die any moment. Call any doctor right now. Where's the doctor? Can't you see its an emergency. " i try once more

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