24. Please i beg you!!!

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He was driving the car and my teary eyes were glued to jacob i cant belive he actually kidnapped him. A moment ago i was talking to him and now he's beaten and tied in ropes like this just because i was about to tell him.

The last time i met him we had such an amazing time together. Rekindling our friendship. And now alex said he's goin to kill him. I am such a worst friend anyone could have

"There's some misunderstanding....im not the person you'll are looking for just let me go " jacob was pleading to the four masked mans who had surrounded him with guns.

" Is the sound proper baby girl? Let me tell you this is live " he said looking at me. What the hell ya. I seriously didn't even the slightest thought he'll go to such extent. Nd on top of all he said he is going to kill him. I'll kill him or myself but not let him do anything to jacob.

I'm furious at him right now but i need to think wisely. I need to control my anger.

" jacob are you ok? Can you hear me? " i yell over the screen which was placed in front of us with a support of his phone stand. "alex is he ok? Can he hear me?" I turn my face towards him. He was driving the car at a speed less than normal because he is enjoyin this. He know the wait will kill me. I just want to reach to him asap nd save him

" He is ok for now. And no he cannot hear you " he said while rasing his eyebrow at me. As if threatening me silently.

"What the hell is this alex? Will you please care to explain what's going on? " i say as silently as possible

"You dont know whats going on. I'll explain. This poor boy is gonna lose his life the moment i reach there only because of you. I'll kill him infront of your eyes and make you watch it " he says calmly. Whenever he's calm he's deadly dangeroues

"You wont " i pleaded silently

"I will so that you get it i dont bluff. I was just goin easy on you angel but no...you made me do this. " he slaps his hand on the steering in anger. As if he dont want to do this but he will to prove his point to me.

I just keep my mouth shut. I dont know what to say anymore. I start fidgeting with my fingers in nervousness and he glances at my hand and then at me. I just place my hands on the screen nd make a silent promise to jacob I'm sorry. I'll not let anything happen to you

" Memorise his last moment all you want. Your boyfreind has only ten minutes left. After that he will breath his last "

" you are seriously going to kill him alex? " i say looking at him pleadingly and when our gazes met and he looked at me I'm sure i saw his eyes softening. Maybe a bit pleading and my tears will work

" yes rose and I'm not lying " and in that moment i know what to do. I spot a big tree in the left. If we never reached there nothing will happen. I have to try everything i could

" I'll not let you do this. I'll not let you kill him. " i distract him a bit by grabbing his side collar and when he tries to shove me I placed my hand on the steering to the left. Before he could react the car looses its control and gets knocked by that tree and abruptly stopped.

Plan 1 worked

Since the car was already on low speed nobody got hurt. He turned towards me and held my both upper arm tightly "Are you out of your mind. We both could have died" he yelled at my face

" i dont care anyways you've turned my life a living hell but I'll not let you take anyone's life because of me. And i would be more than happy if you die " i shout as loud as i can. But i saw hurt in his eyes which again changed to a smirk. What happened to him.

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