7. Weren't you getting too cosy?

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Never be always available for anyone be it your friends family or your love. This will let them take you for granted. Let them go and see how they come to you.

I opened my eyes and found my arms and legs tied to a metal chair with thick ropes. I struggled against the restraints but it seems like a fail attempt

" nice try again "

I heard a familiar voice. He was sitting in a chair a few feet from me and was giving me a look you are so dead " let me go "

In a flash he moved and came closer to me. Our face inches apart " I'm gonna kill you slowly and painfully"

Ok I was going to die today

" no please let me go please " I struggled to free myself

He removed his knife and brought it closer to my skin

" no please no no no no "

I squeezed my eyes shut and stopped breathing awaiting the stab.

Please dont let it get hurt no no please just

I woke up with a loud scream. Sweat was dripping from my skin. My breathing had become shallow and ny whole body was shivering.

I hope I wasn't too loud

I can hear the sound of my phone ringing

Thank god whoever that person is who ruined my sleep otherwise I would be dead

It was just a dream rose

Just.....god it was so real and so fuckin scary

I glance at my phone and it was jacob calling. I leave him a message to pick me in an hour

I've been having this nightmares every other night.

Last time he pushed me of a cliff

I've been thinking about him so much these days. But I can't help it. I fear he'll kidnap me or kill me or god knows what

" sweety. What happened? " mom came in my room as i was heading for a shower. She came and started scanning me

I smiled and hugged her calming her and myself too " relax mom. Just a bad dream "

She pulled me off her embrace and got more panicked " why are you having bad dreams? Is everything okay? "

I forced her to sit on the bed
" mom everything is ok. Now can i just go get ready otherwise jacob would have to wait " as soom as my lips left Jacob's name she instantly relaxed. God it will break their heart knowing I'm not dating him and he is gay. Jacob is like a son to them.

" If jacob is with you i have nothing to worry. I really like that guy for you. And dad is really adamant to marry you both " i wanted to tell her so many things that this is not possible. Please stop hoping but i can't. It's not my place to tell about jacob.

" mom jacob and me are for forever together. But as friends. I don't like him that way. I went in a relationship with him coz dad wanted it. I gave him a chance but felt nothing " yes before asking me jacob asked dad that can i date him. I know real typical of him but now as i think dat was a smart move. He knew dad wont say no.

And even i was damn shocked that jacob likes me. I mean he was my best buddy and suddenly this like and all thing. I did not want to let down dad and ruin my friendship with jacob. He was my only friend.

" give it more time. Everything will fell in place. Remember dad really want this to happen. Your dad and Jacob's - " god she starts again. This is really an emotional blackmail. Leave. If i give it time they'll understand.

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