51. Gone

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Nodding in response i waited for her to continue. But it seems she just couldn't get the words out of her

" Well you know I've always hated you " she stated the fact we both know and nor she neither I was fazed by it at all " From the moment at that football field where you and chris met  i just got some bad vibes and instantly i hated you " 

" I was never in between youll. I never approached chris " 

" I know rose but just this jealousy inside me hated you. I wanted chris since i found my senses. Wen i was still a child"

" What? " I gaped and she chuckled. Man she might be obsessed with him

" Chris me and alex we were childhood friends. We three used to be so fun together that we never needed anyone else. Every three of us was dealing with their own common personal shit in their  lives. Our parents. "

ok i didn't knew even alex was natalie childhood buddy

and i also didn't know about Chris and alex story

" In our group alex was always the hot jock and Chris the innocent nerdy geek. Those two boys were so close that no soul can rip them apart. Those two were brothers and our parents were best friends and business partners. I was just the third wheel and that too because of chris. I was obsessed with him so much that even if i see a girl's shadow near him i want to rip her organs out..so obsessed. I thought i loved him. But i now realise that i was in love with the concept of loving him. I never was loved by anyone and was so desperate to be loved by him. " she spoke without stopping and i listened without interrupting.

" Everything was perfect betwewn us. We three used to hang out together have late nit parties but then entered that Nina who ruined everything. Before her Chris never looked at any girl or i should say i never let that happen. Even if i smell a girl having a crush on him i scare them away and even chris was only in his studies. His parents always wanted him to be the perfect son. Getting good grades was the only pressure in his life "

" But i just couldn't stop nina and Chris falling in love with each other. I just couldn't. There was something between them that pulls them together with such force that it was impossible to pull them away. I was lucky and it was fortunate for me that Alex had a thing for nina too "

My ears stood up at the mention of alex. This was real weird that i should be more interested in Chris life rather than alex but i just couldn't understand this weird annoying feeling.

" Alex was the guy who could get any girl he wants. But he just had this craze in him to do the forbidden. He knew that his best friends girlfriend was forbidden for him and that made her want more. Plus the fact that bitch was hot and was so in love with chris that she actually rejected alex tempted him more. "

Out of all the thing she spoke the fact that i was not the first girl who rejected him sting a bit. I mean guys go after girls who reject them and nina was the first who took his interest.

" After nina slapped him alex went all alpha type angry and was in whole destruction mode. I met him in a club where he was drinking all the alcohol over there. It was me who implanted everything in his mind "

" Alex still wanted to sleep with the girl and I still wanted chris back. That night me and alex went to threaten her in her apartment . she was so stupid in love i knew she would fall for it and she did. Alex being in the underworld was fortunate for us and we threatened her we will kill chris. After that alex told me to leave from there and the last thing i saw alex kissing her forcibly. He was so drunk and he might have forced nina I don't know if they did or not i dont know if the baby in nina's tummy is alex or not i just realise now that how could i let that happen....."

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