18. I'm not a slut

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Attitude and arrogance are two total different things. Always have a POSITIVE AND BITCHY attitude with you be it towards life or boys but never let it turn to arrogance and ruin yourself.

I was staring at the now closed door with blurry eyes. I noticed girls were eavesdropping at the door but i wiped my tears and walk past them

" awwww what happened. Was he not satisfied that's why he throwed you out " it was a girl from natalies group named mia

" i think her another seducing act failed " this was bianca. Natalie's best friend cum another bitch

I ignored their bitchy comments and kept walking. But they just kept following me " okay just tell us what did you do to convince him for the ball. Which p*rn are you seeking for help or making ur own p*rn with him " another girl charlie said

Shaking my head in disbelief i cried more. What the hell was that comment.

Comon rose be strong


No just let me ignore it..im in a bad mood

But bianca grab my lower arm and turned me forcing to listen to her " we all thought you were such a good girl. But who thought you were a bigger slut " Bianca sneered looking me from top to toe in disgust

" bigger slut than you'll? so you do accept you are a slut? " i reply her and she gawks me in anger

" i meant the sluts at the brothel. rose you are nothing but a whore who just wants to get f*ck by alex but i know he is not giving you. You seducing him to " she didn't get to finish her last sentence because i clench my fist and swing towards her face

Everything happened in slow motion. She stumbled back by my unseen punch and fall hard. Blood was dripping from her bottom lip and i wanted to say im sorry but i was also angry

" you punched me! " she squeal as she put her hand over her lip

" yes. Do you want a retake? "

I forward a hand to help her up but she jerked it away " how dare you ? "

" haw dare me...how dare you made such a comment on me. You all why dont you'll just mind your own fucking business. You'll dont know anything what is going on so please i request you all to just leave me alone " i turned my head ensuring to tell everyone around

" you are a liar. Aren't you trying to steal chris from natalie. And what were you doing with alex? Care to explain " she said while pushing me and before i knew it she slapped me

I've never been slapped before and now she crossed a line
Before i could blink i jumped on her knocking her ass on the ground

Ive never been in a physical fight before but they are going beyond my limits

I kept punching her on the face
" im not a bitch..im not a slut...you all are...you all are crazy im not a slut im not a slut my name is rose....for god sake my name is rose "

All these days ive been called anything but not rose




Im rose

Please call me rose

The way i felt at that moment i want to beat the shit out of her . She was screaming and was trying to claw my face and mia and charlie were pulling my hairs. It was 3 against one but nothing can stop me. Its so easy for them to say anything and decide about my character

" are you gone mad leave her " mia tried to stop me but i just kept yelling im not a slut

Suddenly i felt my body being lifted up by two strong hands pulling me by my arms " leave me..ill kill her today"

" calm down rose this is not you " a male voice said patting my hair trying to calm me

For a moment i was shocked seeing bianca bruised face. I dont know how this surge of energy came from all i knew was i was feeling a lot better

Her freinds were helping her. It was all my frustrations vent on her coz i was pissed for everything happening in my life. Pissed from the day alex blackmailed me and It all came out on her. What has he turned me into ?


Ohhh shut up....i see myself as some roadside aunties who fights for some more onions in market

Even my sense of humour is dead like me

I dont like this side of mine

There was a crowd around us but i could care less

" Chris you better calm that psychotic whore of yours " charlie whined as she helped bianca off the ground

Again whore

" you are lucky that's the only thing i broke. Next time if any one of you cross my way ill smash your heads because unlike you all i have more self worth " i was half crying half yelling and chris still had his hands around my navel pulling me closer

" what the hell do you see in her that you are cheating on natalie "


I turned my face to look at chris which showed me any sign that she is lying but no i couldnt find it " this is all your fault bianca. Stay away from her "

" you're telling me -

" enough " a loud booming voice erupt from behind interrupting her. Chris hand tightened around my arms " I want this place to be empty in next second because my sleep is gettin disturbed "

Everyone straighten up and in a second leaves from there. I gave him a disgusted look and he had a smile on his face laughing at me. He didnt said a word supporting me. He saw it all and for him his sleep is more important than my dignity. This all is happening because of him.

After he went i started walking
" Rose i want to talk to you" chris said but i continued walking ignoring him. I dont have any answers for his questions nor i dont want to ask him anything

" What the hell do you want now i dont want to talk to anyone "

" but i will talk to you " he pulled me somewhere and in a moment i was inside a classroom and he locked the door. Does he thinks the same about me. As a slut to whom he can treat anyhow

What the hell

what has rose become? Why is she behaving this way?

Whuz at fault?




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