9. Please dont kill me

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I dont know how long I've been sitting here on a bench of a local park far away from home gazing at the stars above me. Well i was almost laying on the bench

Thinking about chris

It's been three days since that incident with him. I fail to understand if he loves me then why doesn't he tell me. I'm dying to hear those three magical words from him

I love you rose

I've been thinking over and over how will he propose me...how will he confess his love to me

If he proposes you

Yeah yeah he will

I would love if he goes on one knee and ask me out

Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps I wiped my tears away. Now it's about time I should return to the university. I can't just run like this. I have to face it now or never.

But alex and those bitches and those gossips

Dont lie to yourself rose. You'd been running away from one and only person

Stop being a coward and face chris

But I still fear someday alex will kill me or kidnap me

I glance at my clock and it read 11. I grabbed my purse and retrieved my cell phone.

Ohhhhhh it went off

I stood up and walked towards my home. I can hear my footsteps loud and clear.

The lane was really quite. It was little scary and creepy.I was having a gut feeling from the morning something bad is gonna happen like someone is watching me. I dont know i think I'm just being paranoid. I look around for some support

At least I can spot a mosquito

Yeah....a mosquito will save you if you are being stabbed by someone

Atleast a dog

I started walking faster hoping I can spot a taxi. I didn't realise when I came so far walking with my thoughts.


I noticed a black suv approaching.

Thank god...I can atleast ask for a lift

I was about to but then a cool breeze hit me. I instantly gave a look at my clothes. I was wearing a shorts and a sleeveless top

Less clothes

Lift from a stranger


I shoved my hands inside my shorts pocket and quietly kept walking. I silently prayed dont notice me.

Can't you wear a little more clothes

Thats my style ok....and it didn't came in my dreams today I would be needing a lift

I noticed from the corner of my eye the car stopped and I swear my heart stopped beating too.

I definitely didnt ask for a lift

The passenger door opened and I tried to run but whoever he was grabbed me by my waist. I can tell from his strong muscles its a man

Now I was being kidnapped

" leave me " I yelled but he carried me to the car and pushed me in the backseat

I didn't even dare to look whoever he was and continued screaming and tried to pull the door handle

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