13. What is destined to happen will happen

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The next morning I woke up with the smell of mouthwatering breakfast which surely mom was baking. I inhaled the scent and laid up. To be honest I had not sleep at all.

I quickly took a shower and headed downstairs. Mom greeted me with a kiss on my cheek and I sat on the kitchen table

" so you are leaving ?" she says unable to hide her disappointment. She popped a slice of bacon in my mouth

Its heavenly yummy

" I have to mom " she started feeding me and i shoved it inside my throat and gulped it

Even if I dont want to

After sometime I was bidding my goodbyes to mom and dad

" well take care....and you better pick your phone whenever I call you....no late nit parties.....and "

" ok now leave her " dad interrupted

" I love you mom...ill miss you " I pull her into my arms one last time and I couldn't help but started crying

" I'll miss you too sweetheart.....you know I'm here for you whenever you want me " god I so wanted to blurt out everything to her but I can't. I pulled myself away and sat in the car waving them bye

I tried to avoid jacob as far as possible before leaving because the moment he sees me he'll sense something is off. He threatened me to wait but i made some excuses.

The moment I entered my dorm I can see Jack and will in their usual spot in front of the tv, gaming controllers clutched in thier hands. Will is our classmate.

" be careful today dude...hazel is on full on grumpy mode today " jack says

" I know bro...dont you worry about me " will responds

" I'm not worry about you idiot....I'm worried about my new controller which you holding in your hand.....last time when she was this grumpy she broke my neck "

I chuckled lightly. Hazel hauls both of them off the couch by throwing a cushion on them " I heard that " she walks into the room looking stunning in a flattering dress

Where she's going

" how's this? " she ask

" god you've asked our opinions on like thirty dresses till now " will responds tired

" coz I want to look perfect...your crushes should be drooling on you and your enemies should be insanely jealous " she responds flipping her hair

" girlssss " they both responds

Ok enough

" uhu..uhu..guyssssss " I faked cough to get their attention

Everyone eyes went wide in surprise and the way they came running towards me I got scared they'll hurt me

" rose....rose...rose....I missed you so much....god....what the hell took you so long and you know what.....perfect timing....you know there's going to be-" hazel pulled me in her arms first

Jack pushed her aside and hugged me tight and will waved my way " I missed you rose" he led me to the couch and we all settled down

" I missed you'll too guys "

" ok now spill it " he ask

" spill what ? " I lied

I already know what....what do I tell them....I love chris but I cant have him because now I'm alex property

" chris fuckin came to meet you in your own fuckin house and you are askin....spill what....start speaking and dont you dare deny me the juicy part " she pointed a finger with a fiercing glare"

" what makes you say there are any juicy parts ? " I tease them more.

" oh please! He was drunk...you'll two were alone....spill fast " jack said getting so impatient

" nothing like that happened " I say

It would have if I hadn't stopped him

" if you do not speak right these moment I'll not tell you the hot gossips of the college when you was not around....especially chris " she blackmailed


Well I was not interested in any gossips other than chris

" well he tried to kiss me but I stopped him " all of their eyes went wide and mouth opened

" are you an idiot "

" you rejected him....that would have hurt his ego honey "

" have you lend your brains to someone or what" well this was hazel

" guys I love him but it's complicated " I admit

" ofcourse you love him rose and even he loves you....I dont get it what's the problem...if he is not ready to say it you propose him...how does it matter " will suggests

What...I'm a girl...its always the boys proposing

" stop bothering her guys....rose...I can tell you only one thing what is destined to happen will happen....if you both are meant to be together you will be " jack comments

" ok big daddy...that was heavy...where is your feet " hazel teases him. John picks a cushion and flips it at hazel. Hazel dodges it and throws it back on him. Will joins them and all of them starts flipping cushions at each other

I cant help but laugh so hard that my eyes becomes watery and my stomach starts paining.

And there goes John's new gaming controller

Ok the cushion fight has turned into something else.

They have come in my life only to turn my bad days into good one.

" guys....hazel....stop and tell me where are you going.....you look stunning " I stop them to divert their attention

" oh yeah....I forgot.....I was about to tell you but this idiot interrupted me " she sat beside me and jack and will are still fixing the controller

" not me but we all are going.....there is gonna be a fuckin awesome ball party arranged by seniors...its a couple entry and the hottest couple will get a prize and.....I'm so excited and I want to look hot and win it " she jumps in excitement

Seniors....alex....I'm not going

" you'll look stunning no matter what you wear "

" awwwwww.....I missed you " she hugs me

" where's chris?  " I enquire out of nowhere

I want to see him...I want to talk to him about the kiss

" dont ask....chris always hangs with natalie bitch and you know what you missed so many gossips " And there she starts

At night after a whole lot of tossing and turning I finally gave up all hope of sleep and got out of bed. I went on the roof for some fresh air. This might help me relax to fall asleep.

I stared up at the stars. I kept thinking of what jack said today was actually right. If me and chris are meant to be together it will happen. Why do I stress myself so much thinking about it?

Enough with the crying now....time to stay happy

And I truly believe that everyone crosses each other paths for some reason. Alex coming in my life also has a purpose in it and I should let time find it

" I knew you would be here " a voice jerked me from my thoughts. I smile to myself

There comes my happiness

thoughts on rose friends?


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