32. Stay away from me

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" what the fuck were you doing?" i ask her as soon as she enter my room. I love the way she knocks everytime before entering.I think I'm going crazy coz this is the first time shes enterin my room. I want her so much but i can't have her unless she gives me her permission. 

" what kind of question is that? i was hiding from you obviously. I was about to enter my room but suddenly you just barged in and my girly instincts kicked my senses " that is the longest sentence she has spoken since her arrival. Some thing has changed inside her with her clothes and im lovin it.

" barge in? this is my place i can do anything. and what do you mean hiding from me? " i reply trying hard to remove a stern voice but fail. My body is gettin tense in her presence and i can see her most relaxed ever standing here crossing her arms across her chest. Fuckin I am gettin nervous from a girl presence and especially this girl who i am blackmailing

" yes you can do anything with your place your room your bed your clothes but not me. I mean the place and room you've provided me " she agrees but argues in a very low voice. She accuses but also tame her accusation with some polite words. She know she cant raise her voice on me " and you know what i mean by hiding from you ? "

" no i don't " i lie. Of course i know. But it's so damn fun to tease her.

She stares into my eye with new confidence she found " listen alex. i know we have a deal and i have agreed to certain things with you. But i request you to stay at a one arm distance from me " I did right. I walk away. But i chuckle in my mind the way she is arguing with me. Even i want to stay distant from you but my hormones can't. But I won't accept it that i want her

" I did stay away from you as i walked away. You was the one who started this " she lowers her eyes gettin shy and damn she looks cut.  i stand up and take a step towards her but she stood there staring at me as i walk to her " have you forgotten that night in the car where you were ok with whatever i do to you? " i take one more step but she still held her ground . Her breathing has changed and she was tightening her fist.

" should i remind you the way you jump on me and kissed me? Should i remind you how that night you were enjoying my touch? This is not fair babygirl that you can do whatever you want whenever you want and i cant. After all have you forgotten I'm your boyfreind " i was now standing so close to her that if she raise her head we can kiss. She surprised me by not taking a step back and not cowering in fear this time.

She place his right hand on my chest and i get excited but instead of coming closer she push me maintaining a one arm length distance " that was a big mistake. I was not in my right state of mind i told you already" she replies looking in my eye and it sting a bit that she named such a beautiful kiss a mistake " and this boyfriend girlfriend thing is just for name sake " she motions her fingers between us and continues

" and on top of all why are you behaving as if you are interested in me and giving me such looks. I mean look at you. You are the same alex the one and only who said me he will not stoop so low and destroy his image by touching me. I'm a slut right and you try to stay away from them then why am i feeling that suddenly you are interested in me " she continues with a bit water in her eyes but this time she doesn't cry. She keeps on arguing leaving me speechless and surprised because she was right and even a bit angry and iritated and scared too.

" I'm not interested in you but " i reply in a low voice clearly lying but i decide to diver the topic before she catches me " tell me one thing why were you with jacob if you love chris. Since the phone call this morning there is something which i dont know and i want to know it " and this time she panicks but replies with a firm voice again

" and why do you care? I mean you are getting your revenge on me. You are getting to torture me. I'm behaving the way you want and I'll continue to till you are not satisfied. Till you are not done with whatever you want. It wont make a diff whatever i say. You just want to break me right go ahead and finish this all at once. You just want to hurt me and chris right just go ahead and do your worst. If this makes you happy go ahead and do whatever you want. But I'll not accept if you cross your line and force yourself on me alex. " this time tears started flowing. Does she seriously think ill force on her? Is she so scared of this? 

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