27. Three conditions

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" Then can we just get out of the car and talk? " Im not interested in sitting on his lap anymore. Anymore. Or after he said he's not interested in you.

Whatever That was just rude

He groans in annoyance " I'm just liking the position." i know he's teasing me and if i need to act slutty i should go on with him but i need some time

But its awkward. That's what i wanted to say

what do i say " its just that this dress is suffocating me " i lie. well the dress is a bit heavy but I'm breathless due to the position we are in.

" then just remove it. Are you denying me again? I don't want any argument after i said a word to you to do it " he warns simply smirking and raising a eyebrow

" no I'm not ok fine. Lets talk. whatever you want. Say what do you want from me? " i resign in defeat. I avert my eyes from him and start fidgeting with my fingers. My heart is still beating like hell. I hear a click and notice he opened the door

I look at him and he signals me to get out from his eyes. god did i pissed him again? I search through his eyes for my answer

I part my lips to speak but he beats me. " it's ok. get down " I step my foot outside and inhale the fresh air.

The road is so empty and creepy. All we are surrounded by are trees as if its a jungle. No wonder if he kill a person in such a place no one would notice. There is only a small street light flashing in the corner.

Alex shuts the door and forwards a bottle of water. I look at him quizzically. I take the bottle before he changes his mind. I'm damn thirsty.

I drink a sip and quenches my thirst. When i look over alex water was dripping from his mouth to his neck then to his chest. I shake my head from the thoughts. Is he a vampire coz after I've kissed him my mind is thinking dirty. It should be the other way round rose. He must drool over you.

I do the same purposefully spilling water over my face too and drinking in a messy way. When I'm done i look at him and as expected he was licking his lip staring me and i smirked in my head. The look in his eyes can tell me what he wants from me. I give him a weak smile and in return i get a blank face.

Things will definetly be awkward between us. Atleast for me because we have just kissed each other. And damn that kiss was so


We throw our empty bottles and lean against the car. It's pretty cold. " so? " I speak breaking the silence

" The first thing you are gonna do is dump your fuck boy and after this you'll neva meet him nor talk to him " he says directly gauging my reaction

What. Are you fuckin mad. He is my bestfriend. How can i never meet him. And i even can't dump him. There's a deal between me and jake. I need to think

" okay " i nod in response and he gets a bit surprised seeing i agreed so easily. His mention make me want to know is he alright. He must be in the operation struggling with his life.

" Good. Second from now on you'll be my official girlfriend and behave like one in front of everyone. You are also gonna move in with me. Lets speed this revenge process "

What the hell. Im not gonna do this. Being his girlfriend means more bitchy comments. His girlfriend what if he does some hanky panky but he just said he's not interested. He is lying you know it. And moving in. God.

" okay " i nod in response again and he smirks

Why does he want to speed things

It's good for you

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