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After the make or break conversation i had with chris i ran to the downside wanting peace desperately. Walking along the shore of this beautiful lake i thought to myself. I doubt things will be as usual between us. But i had to say this to him. I had to confide in him and be truthful and not make the same mistake twice.

Mistakes of hiding truth and let the situations turn to worst. If i had never hide things with alex maybe he would have understood and this would have been better. Atleast better than what is currently happening. I cant even make things proper. Its not even in my hands

There was always this little good inside alex and i always knew it. If i had told him the truth he would have never tortured me. And right now i would not have to deal with the mess going in my head. After what i came to know about his childhood it is justified to him that any sane person will go insane like he did.

Giving a halt to my thoughts there came a faint rustling of footsteps from back. I turned to see an empty path covered in grasses and some beautiful flowers blossoming. Monsoon is about to breath it last giving way to my all time favourite snow to welcome

i just hope all my problems end with it and with snow it brings freshness to my life. Starting things with chris as a fresh went all down the drain but i can still make things alright.

I was just processing my brain to think that it might be chris who came after me but a strong smell of chloroform hit my nose with a pair of strong bulky hands holding my waist from behind. Attacking me from back you dickhead. God so much swearing natalie you are rubbing of on me too much but im liking this change in me.

I stomped my foot and tried to claw his face but my brain was slowly giving to the dizziness turning his back at me at such a crucial moment. Damn you brain you are always against me.

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