The Librarian by simmis123
The Librarianby Simone Engleton
Susie Mitchell, that's her name by day. She is the quiet, mousy girl that works in the dusty old library in town. Nobody ever notice her, with her no nonsense glasses...
  • blackmail
  • librarian
New Year's Eve Baby #Sequel To Bodyguard #Wattys2017 by bloodbath008
New Year's Eve Baby #Sequel To Anna Kendra
When Elaina Thunder finds the most perfect man to kiss at midnight on New Year's Eve, she thinks its fate. But little does she know that Knight Blaze Tyson isn't as simp...
  • fashion
  • blaze
  • love
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Let Me Teach You by JanetteCBirtha
Let Me Teach Youby Janette C. Birtha
Katie thought her senior year was going to be a little stressful but she did not anticipate what was going to happen. Her teacher is blackmailing her. She has to oblige...
  • teacher
  • forced
  • mature
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Meant to Be by dulcetberries
Meant to Beby dulcetberries
Danielle was surprised when she found she is pregnant. She is very excited to tell Ezio Gianneli the news until she found him in their bedroom, with his secretary, only...
  • blackmail
  • husband
  • baby
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Billionaire Stole My Panties by Afrodite107
Billionaire Stole My Pantiesby Tajanara Scott
BSMP Book 1: Being edited BSMP BOOK 2' Endless Love ': Being edited --------- "You wanted to see me, Mr. Pereira?" I asked, as I closed the door behind me. He...
  • chicklit
  • nickbateman
  • bdms
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Blackmailed by queen3forever
Blackmailedby queen3forever
21 year old Rosie was having a good life finished with college.She was living a good life with the best 7 friends who always supported each other.Her Life was changed wh...
  • blackmail
  • maxwell
  • rosie
BLACKMAILED BY MR. BILLIONAIRE #wattys2018 #The2018Awards#PhoenixAwardsApplicant by angelprincess24
( This is the second book of MR. BILLIONAIRE SERIES ) ANGELA ANDERSON is a 24 years old young woman, who is confident, independent, smart, and extremely beautiful. She l...
  • family
  • cocky
  • fight
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I Baught It  by Rahrah_thescorpio
I Baught It by Rahrah_thescorpio
Short Stories, MUST READS 👇👇👇
  • funny
  • blackmail
  • drama
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The Billionaire's Betrayal by sweetchoclate9
The Billionaire's Betrayalby rose
"I love you, Celestine Allen King and I will do anything to make you mine again. Anything", he said and kissed my forehead, pressing me tightly to him. We don'...
  • possessive
  • boss
  • ceo
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Blackmailed At Boarding School: GRETHAN by EverClearRoad
Blackmailed At Boarding School: EverClearRoad
*COMPLETED* Grayson is attending a boarding school in London, it is one of the finest with the best education. But he doesn't quite fit in because he was only there for...
  • love
  • ethan
  • dolantwins
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Playing Heart Games by POMlove
Playing Heart Gamesby Phoebe
Violet is good. Axel is not. When Violet's mom gets married and Violet is tossed into upper-class society, she stays positive. Until her boyfriend cheats on her with her...
  • blackmail
  • featured
  • contemporary
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His Weakness  by JbQueenin_
His Weakness by JbQueenin_
Meet Zyiere, she's a beautiful young lady that was abused by her ex and went through some hurtful things due to her mother . Zyiere's father is an ex-kingpin and loves h...
  • urbanfiction
  • drugdealers
  • kingpin
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I am All Yours(✔) by -melodious_song
I am All Yours(✔)by Melodious Song
Jiya lost hope on love when her boyfriend got married to someone else leaving her devasted. Maan who fell in love with Jiya at first sight marry her and try to win her h...
  • featured
  • marraige
  • muslim
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Pusher | ✓ by Jewlez
Pusher | ✓by Julia
❝Don't cross me, Angel.❞ Slinging dope isn't exactly the kind of extracurricular Angelica Moore would want listed on her college applications, but when her mother's me...
  • pusher
  • teen
  • romance
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Business as Usual by Xander_M_Lucas
Business as Usualby Xander.M.Lucas
"Say it." His voice is a husky growl. He tugs on my hair, the pain travelling through me igniting pleasure. "Fuck you Nickolai." His hand connects w...
  • humour
  • drama
  • featured
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Tainted Faith (Mafia Romance) #Wattys2017  by VampireBunny2154
Tainted Faith (Mafia Romance) Elise Watson
LILIANA FIORENZA is outraged when her papà strongly advises her to accept the proposal of a man she has heard only whispers about. Having resided in Sicily for the later...
  • pain
  • italian
  • mafia
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What's My Fault by RoseyBloom4
What's My Faultby Rosey Bloom
well it's a story which begins when RagLak takes Swara home from hotel where police raids and it's totally changed from any kind of love it full of emotions and drama....
  • love
  • hotromance
  • sanskaar
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Back Up Dancer (BTS X Jimin) by adorablemochijimin
Back Up Dancer (BTS X Jimin)by adorablejiminie
Jimin secretly liked learning girl group choreographys, what happens when his dancers team lose their lead girl dancer, he had to reveal the secret, ofc!! Or Bts's new...
  • minkook
  • minjoon
  • lgbt
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The Bad Boy Inside the Chicken Suit ✔ [COMPLETED] by CrazyIsTheNewAwesome
The Bad Boy Inside the Chicken Kryzel Jhae
"Are you blackmailing me!?" "No, I'm making a deal." "That's the same thing!" "So...?" ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ In a world where spoiled...
  • humor
  • adventure
  • badboy
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