20. Say you are sorry

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He was dragging me somewhere upstairs and the last thing i saw was jealousy in chris eyes. I was half focused on alex as Natalie was fixing chris hair and i wanted to go there and cut her hands from the root. Is he five year old now?

" before coming here i promised myself I'll be nice to you but i think you dont like that. Do you?" he twisted my hand while continued pulling me.

" one side you are hurting me and other side you are saying you'll be nice to me. Leave my hand. Ouch its paining alex " I'm sure it will leave a mark again. People around are not even concerned that someone is being dragged forcefully.

"I dont care and let me tell you this physical pain is nothing compared to what i can do to you slut. " he turns giving me a deadly look so i fear him and his words. But i only got angry now at his choice of words.

I jerked my hand in force " stop calling me names alex. It hurts okay " he pin my wrist again and continued walking and smiling politely at everyone showing everything is normal

He pushed me inside a room where a couple was making out. They both turned embarassed. Thank god they were atleast basic clothed

This reminded me again of that scene of alex and natalie. I'm not allowed to enter like that but he can?

" shit we are ao sorry to interrupt. We are leaving. You'll can carry on. Let's leave alex " he gave me a weird look as i was babbling

" both of you. Leave. Right now " he said to them looking in my eyes showing me that he can do whatever he wants. He was damn angry but why.

" They are not even dressed prop- " i cut my sentence seeing a glare from the devil.

" then i would love to dress them with some bullets " he said doin an act of removing something from his pocket. In an instant they both ran like their pants were on fire and he locked the door

Why does he need to lock the door again and again.

" What the hell are you wearing?" he came a step closer to me and i took a step backward

Ohhh thats what it is

" Clothes " i said smiling

" Dont " he said while rasing a finger and taking another step
" You were supposed to wear the dress i gave you. why the fuck do you defy me always rose? why? It iritates me Goddamit. Didn't you said you'll behave? You'll listen "

ok....he's a lot angry

" calm down alex. That dress you gave me was way too revealing and out of my comfort zone. I've never worn such dress. No need to get so grumpy over a silly reason " i said in a grim voice blurting out everything to save myself from his wrath.

" oh common now ssly dont start your innocent act again. I know why do you keep doing this everytime. You show me this fake attitude of yours to get my attention. You are trying to play with my mind. Aren't you?. otherwise there's no other reason you'll leave a opportunity to wear a masterpiece like that. " he yelled placing his hands on either side of my head trapping me. Intimidating me. This time i wont get scared of him.

"Masterpice my foot. And thats bullshit what you are saying. Why r u getting so angry? Why does it matter whatever I wear?."

" it matters to me because your name is associate with me. You are my date here and you have to look like one. It matters because i told you and you should have done that " he leans a bit closer

" when will you realise that beauty doesnt come from this stupid clothes alex. A person's beauty is reflected from how beautiful his soul is " i calmly replied not to anger him more.

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