11. don't test my patience

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He came closer to me our shoulders touching " let me show you....here....got it " he said searching something on his phone

I tried to shift uncomfortably to stay distant from him as far as possible but what I saw before me left me shocked. For a moment I just stared at the screen letting it sink in

He trailed his fingers swiping showing me innumerous pictures " I must say this one is sexy " it was a picture where jacob's left hand was on my right cheek and he was kissing me on my neck. But in reality jacob was just whispering in my ear " just bare with me for some more minutes rose please "

" and this one.....and see this one " he chuckled hard showed me various fucking pics taken from various fuckin angles

I took a calming breath and realised his intentions by adding two and two. That's why he ask do i love chris.

" wow these are really cool pics. I didn't knew you also love to do some journalists work apart from killing people as you pretend. Afterall jacob is a star and yeah please give me some copies of it. Are you done now open the door " I babbled again and tried to open this fuckin door.

" Okay. Go on. I would love to share some copies with someone else too " he dialled a number and god i didn't want it to happen.

" what are you planning ?" I ask stupidly already knowing the answer

" what do you think? Comon guess..im sure that smart little head of yours who is riding two boys at the same time can think better" he ask smirking

Things are already complicated between me and chris....and this will ruin it more

I dont want to lose my remaining hope

I dont want to lose him

" you were spying on me all these days " It was more of a statement than a question

" not me but there are people at my feet who does this small things for me like this" he snapped his fingers in front of my eyes.

" what do you want from me ? " I whispered. My voice barely audible

He came closer to me and pulled my chin up so that I look right into his eye "oh i was waiting for that...so listen...from now on you are gonna be my personal slave and I'll have each right over you and you'll do whatever I want you to do....if I tell you to cry you cry...if I tell you to smile you smile.....if I tell you to speak you speak.....and dont you dare defy me or disrespect me ever again"

He must be jokin

It doesn't look like that

" you must be joking...im not gonna do this "

" you sure? I suggest you to rethink "

" you're blackmailing me.... you cant do this " tears started its way again

Damn this tears

" yes im blackmailing you because I can do whatever the fuck I want "

" please dont do this....what will you get out of all this " I bit my lip to control my sob

" pleasure " he said with a blank face emphasising the l in it with his tongue

I want to cry hard....very hard.....I'm still hoping that this all be a fuckin nightmare again and I open my eyes and everything will be normal again

He trace his fingers acrossed my cheek again and shook his head

" baby girl wants to cry right...that's the only thing you can do now...things would have been so different nah if you had just apologized..i swear i would have forgiven you but I'm even glad you didn't "

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